Wednesday's 25 Wonderful Vintage Finds

Ever find it hard to sift through all the vintage shops out there or even online?  Us too, but we’ve done a little of the sifting for you, scouring our favorite vintage shops online coming up with some amazing finds from Edwardian hats in England (that you can buy from North America), industrial goose neck lamps from the U.S. and vintage doily bunting from Australia.  In fact we hope to bring you wonderful vintage finds like this every wednesday!  (Above: 1910s French straw boater from The Bucket Tree).

25 amazing finds just after the jump for you!

  • Little Straw Hat 1 of 25
    Little Straw Hat
    Super cute little hat, with lovely colourful ribbons! The Bucket Tree.
  • 1960s Butterfly Tin 2 of 25
    1960s Butterfly Tin
    Lovely tin featuring all the British native butterflies! The Bucket Tree.
  • Ladybird book of British birds 3 of 25
    Ladybird book of British birds
    Lovely little book of British birds by the Ladybird series. The Bucket Tree.
  • Small Rose Tapestry 4 of 25
    Small Rose Tapestry
    A small piece of tapestry work, unframed. It has lovely colours and would look great held with an old clip and hung above a bed! The Bucket Tree.
  • 1910s French straw boater 5 of 25
    1910s French straw boater
    A perfect example of an Edwardian boater hat. The Bucket Tree.
  • Fabric Patchwork Bag 6 of 25
    Fabric Patchwork Bag
    A beautiful fabric bag made from gorgeous patterned textiles. All hand made. The Bucket Tree.
  • Edwardian Cotton Blouse 7 of 25
    Edwardian Cotton Blouse
    Beautiful, and easy to wear with modern clothes. The Bucket Tree.
  • Early 20th Century Auditorium Chairs 8 of 25
    Early 20th Century Auditorium Chairs
    1930's/40's Auditorium chairs featuring hand-painted seat numbers and attached side-desk with heavy iron base and frame. Three Potato Four.
  • Hoffman Beverages Wooden Crate 9 of 25
    Hoffman Beverages Wooden Crate
    Vintage wooden crate for Hoffman Quality Beverages. Crate features thick panel construction, re-enforced metal edging and graphics on both wide panels. Three Potato Four.
  • Watkins Products Salesman Sample Caddy 10 of 25
    Watkins Products Salesman Sample Caddy
    Original antique 1940's/50's Salesman Sample tote for Watkins Products (famous makers of flavor extracts and spices). Three Potato Four.
  • Toy’s Jewelry Store Advertising Clock 11 of 25
    Toy's Jewelry Store Advertising Clock
    Antique graphic advertising wall clock, "Toy's Jewelry Store" with glass front and squared wood frame. Three Potato Four.
  • Brooklyn Poster by Jim Datz 12 of 25
    Brooklyn Poster by Jim Datz
    A collaboration between Three Potato Four and designer Jim Datz, this poster of Brooklyn, featured in New York Magazine, TimeoutNY, DailyCandy and countless other publications, combines several of their loves - Brooklyn, typography, color, 50's inspired illustrations, and urban signage. Three Potato Four.
  • Antique Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 13 of 25
    Antique Oscar Schmidt Autoharp
    An antique autoharp instrument in all it's tattered beauty. Though it is missing some parts, you can still strum along...or even refurbish it. Trampoline.
  • Vintage Bent Wood Spoon and Fork Set 14 of 25
    Vintage Bent Wood Spoon and Fork Set
    A set of bentwood spoons and forks in their original 1950's packaging. Trampoline.
  • Vintage Fluted Bundt Pan 15 of 25
    Vintage Fluted Bundt Pan
    A large, super heavy, bundt pan in a fluted design. Steely grey metal outside and deep aubergine inside. Trampoline.
  • Vintage Industrial Lamp 16 of 25
    Vintage Industrial Lamp
    A vintage eagle goose neck with a great worn patina. the base of the lamp serves as a pencil or pen and ruler holder. Trampoline.
  • Vintage Wire Laundry Cart 17 of 25
    Vintage Wire Laundry Cart
    Vintage wire laundry cart on casters. the perfect rolling cart, which is also completely collapsible and folds flat. a nice blend of industrial and country. Trampoline.
  • 1950’s Russell Spanner Lounge Chair 18 of 25
    1950's Russell Spanner Lounge Chair
    Vintage original Russell Spanner lounge chair with a solid wood frame, original black finish, woven seat and bent ply back rest. Hindsvik.
  • Mid Century Magazine Rack 19 of 25
    Mid Century Magazine Rack
    Vintage magazine rack made of metal with a modern shape. Hindsvik.
  • Retro Paddle Ball Paddle 20 of 25
    Retro Paddle Ball Paddle
    Wooden paddle ball paddle with rubber covered handle. Bellalulu.
  • Vintage Large Red Wooden Letter Y 21 of 25
    Vintage Large Red Wooden Letter Y
    Large wooden letter Y. Bellalulu.
  • Woven Southwestern Blanket Kilim Pillow 22 of 25
    Woven Southwestern Blanket Kilim Pillow
    A wonderful woven pillow with southwestern patterns. Ocean Swept
  • Caged Light Pendant 23 of 25
    Caged Light Pendant
    A wonderful industrial farmhouse light cover. Ocean Swept.
  • Vintage Folding Camp Stool with Original Canvas 24 of 25
    Vintage Folding Camp Stool with Original Canvas
    A cute folding vintage camp stool to add a touch of fun color to your decor. Vital Vintage.
  • Repurposed Vintage Doily Garland OOAK 25 of 25
    Repurposed Vintage Doily Garland OOAK
    Decorate your home for parties, celebrations, or extra colour with this beautiful repurposed bunting. Vintage Chenille.

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