Wet & Wild: 10 DIY Pools for Summer

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, and you’re already cooling off from the summer heat in a cacophony of splashes and laughter. If not, no fear. We’ve rounded up 10 DIY pools, from the crazy simple (hello, tub of water) to the wildest hand-built pools you can imagine (dumpster pool or garage pool anyone?) with links on how to make these pools yourself. Check them out and get inspired to create your own DIY pool this summer.

  • A Drink Tub 1 of 10
    A Drink Tub
    If your kid is small enough, toss them in a drink tub full of water and supervise closely. That's what we did (yep, that's my kid). Learn more here.
  • Stock Tank Pool 2 of 10
    Stock Tank Pool
    This is what we had hoped to build this summer, but stock tanks are hard to come by in Los Angeles. With a filter and a cover, you can turn a stock tank (basically a drinking fountain for cattle) into a beautiful pool. Learn more here.
  • Stock Tank Pool 2 3 of 10
    Stock Tank Pool 2
    Another view of this cutie. It's 2 feet deep, perfect for kiddos. Learn more here.
  • Dumpster Pool 4 of 10
    Dumpster Pool
    Maybe you want to swim in a dumpster. You can make a dumpster pool or rent one. Learn more here.
  • DIY Indoor Pool 5 of 10
    DIY Indoor Pool
    Want to turn your living room into a swimming room? This family did. Learn more here.
  • Pool Skirt 6 of 10
    Pool Skirt
    This family has what we have, your standard blow up pool with pump and filter, only they prettied theirs up with a homemade pool skirt. Learn more here.
  • Rubber Stock Tank Pool 7 of 10
    Rubber Stock Tank Pool
    It may not be the prettiest, but it gets the job done. Learn more here.
  • A Rubber Pool with Deck 8 of 10
    A Rubber Pool with Deck
    This family took a hot tub shell and built a deck around it. Learn more here.
  • Garage Pool 9 of 10
    Garage Pool
    This man had a dream to swim in his garage. Dreams really do come true. Learn more here.
  • The Greatest DIY Pool of All Time 10 of 10
    The Greatest DIY Pool of All Time
    This Joshua Tree pool is built from a water storage tank (deeper than your usual stock tank) and decked out. A lovely example of how wonderful DIY can be. Learn more here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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