What Does a $52,000 Play House Look Like?

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There’s a fine line between extravagance and absurdity, and there’s something truly mind-boggling about the latter. While there are certainly people out there who can drop  five figures on a kid play house, I am not one of them. Actually, I’m not sure I know any of those people, either.

So when I stumbled upon the playhouses at PoshTot’s, I was in awe of the incredible designs. From stately mansions to windmills to giant pirate ships, they truly are a child’s dream. But then again, so is college…

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play house for kids

The Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse from PoshTots (both pictures above) is a true feat in craftsmanship and imaginative play. This handcrafted ship has a captain’s quarters, upper and lower decks and a crow’s nest to keep lookout.

The Captain’s Quarters alone can fit three or four adults, and the cushioned benches can double as sleeping bunks.

cool play house

The price? Oh, just a mere $52,000.

coolest play house

If $52,000 is just plain craziness, what about this plantation-style Oakmont Manor from PoshTots, complete with an operable skylight, non-working fireplace, simulated hardwood floor and 10 windows. And it will only cost you a mere $21,000.

play house for kids

Moving our way down the price spectrum, Sophie’s Magical Windmill Playhouse sells for $38,000, and it truly is a fantasy for imaginative little girls. This hand-crafted play house has a windmill, operable windows, a reading loft and an outdoor deck.

play house

And does your little one like to play market? For $5,449, he or she can have a personalized store complete with a checkout counter, shelves and display case. The neighborhood kids are all coming to play at your house, for sure. (From PoshTots as well.)

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