What Does Vizit and iPhone Have in Common?

Vizit Frame

In my years of reviewing products, I’ve seem my fair share of digital photo frames. But here’s the problem. All of them invariably end up in the digital frame graveyard. The memory card goes kaput or the resolution wears out. And besides, it’s a huge pain to have to load up all those photos. How is Grandma supposed to figure out how to load up photos when she can barely log on. Imagine if you could manage your mom’s or relatives’ frames from the comfort of your home computer?

Enter Vizit from Isabella Products. A digital frame so revolutionary you will want to give one to every member of your family. You can actually send photos from the frame directly to an email account or cell phone.

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Here’s what it does. Just take a photo, email instantly to every frame you buy, and voila, it appears in grandpa’s frame instantly! And while I have seen this send-to-frame option before, somehow the connect the dot photos thing rarely works perfectly in real life. Not so with Vizit. You can even do the reverse. Touch the screen and email a photo to any other frame or email address for instant connectivity. With 3G cellular network built right in, this is a truly two-way device. That’s the other great thing about the frame. Not only is it easy to set up, it features an amazing touch screen (think iPhone of the digital frame world), that allows the end user to easily control their display, order and size of their photos.

This thing is seamless, sleek and a must-have for the holidays!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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