What Time Does The Superbowl Start: Last-Minute Party Ideas, Games & Contests

Just a few more hours until the Super Bowl… but it’s not too late to throw together some festive party elements for the family. We just started…and here’s what we’re doing…

Keep reading for some quick party game & contest ideas and a countdown to when the real contest begins…

The Super Bowl contest between Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers happens tonight at 6:30pm ET on FOX. But here are some last-minute party games and contests to keep everyone entertained the entire night.

Other than the obvious contest about who can stuff the most 7-layer dip in his or her mouth, here are some last minute ideas of other things to occupy you over the next few hours.

1. Packers or Steelers? Create a family poll. Have everyone vote for who they think is going to win the game… winner(s) get a prize.  (An extra cookie is a great prize). You can vote by writing Green Bay or Pittsburgh on a small sheets of paper to be displayed…or, if you’re like us and have not-yet-writing members of the family who are super into competition… have different colored cups that people use throughout the night. Yellow or Green vs. Gold or Black. Those committed to the correct color cup, win!

2. Best Commercial Contest. Give each person a piece of paper to write their list of top 3 (or top 5) TV commercials for the night. Then compare at the end of the evening. The one with the most vote, wins! (Any who vote for that commercial win too). This one is interactive throughout the night and turns up a number of winners. (And more winners means more happy people)

3. Super Bowl Trivia. Make a trivia game. Get some note cards and go to town. Here are some Super Bowl trivia fun facts to get you going.

Also, need some bowl ideas for the Super Bowl? Check these out!

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