What Time is It?

Here’s a new way to read a clock. Literally. In lieu of hands or a digital number display, these word clocks let you read the time as you would say it. “It is half past seven” or “it is twelve o’clock” for example. Clever, right? If you’re feeling handy, you can buy a kit to make your own, but the clocks are also available in a ready-to-go format.

  • Standard Word Clock 1 of 10
    Standard Word Clock
    Here's the standard model, available for $249 AUD. Just plug it in and it's up and running.
  • Customized Word Clock 2 of 10
    Customized Word Clock
    You can also choose your color and add additional words for $279 AUD.
  • Random Word Clock 3 of 10
    Random Word Clock
    The added random letters do a nice job of disguising the words, save for the letters that have been lit up. This one is $269 AUD.
  • Word Clock Kit Parts 4 of 10
    Word Clock Kit Parts
    There are various kits available, ranging from $49-159 AUD. You can program your own clock to suit a custom design, or buy a more complete kit and simply assemble it.
  • A Word Clock Kit in Progress 5 of 10
    A Word Clock Kit in Progress
    If this looks like your idea of fun, you can have at it with your own kit!
  • A Word Clock Built from a Kit 6 of 10
    A Word Clock Built from a Kit
    This is an awesome example of a custom-built clock from one of Doug's kits.
  • Complete Word Clock Kit 7 of 10
    Complete Word Clock Kit
    This kit sells for $159 AUD, and includes absolutely everything you need to make your own word clock. It even comes pre-programmed.
  • Finished Word Clock from Complete Kit 8 of 10
    Finished Word Clock from Complete Kit
    Here's the finished result from the complete kit. You can also buy one that has already been built for $249 AUD.
  • The Original Prototype 9 of 10
    The Original Prototype
    One of the original prototypes that inspired Doug's Word Clocks. This one was built by a woman named Megan.
  • An Early Word Clock 10 of 10
    An Early Word Clock
    Another example of Doug's Word Clocks. This was an early version, framed in red.

All of the word clocks and kits above are available from Doug’s Word Clock.

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