What Turkeys! 7 Funniest Thanksgiving Products

The holidays can be a stressful time for most everyone who celebrates. After you’ve made your way through the crowded airport lines, past the distant relatives who can’t quite remember your name, and have eaten so much stuffing you’ve basically erased your 2011 New Year’s resolution, don’t you just want to kick back with these Jello shots and laugh? At something? Anything?!

That’s where this slideshow steps in and makes your Thanksgiving one to remember. We’re not sure why these 7 crazy turkey products exist, but they do. You can actually buy them and use them. And for that we’re very thankful. — Rebecca Bohanan

  • This Bird’s on Speed Dial 1 of 8
    This Bird's on Speed Dial
    If half your guests are disobeying Miss Manners by keeping their cellies out during dinner, beat them at their own game with this amazing turkey phone. You'll be able to talk and chew easily at the same time.
    Get your turkey phone from Tech Blog
  • Mad Hatter Disease 2 of 8
    Mad Hatter Disease
    Start the party right by greeting your guests with this turkey hat. There's no easier way to say the holidays have left you featherbrained.
    Get your crazy turkey hat from Habetrot
  • Hide Your Bloated Belly in This Turkey Costume 3 of 8
    Hide Your Bloated Belly in This Turkey Costume
    If you put on a pound or ten at the table, no worries! You're wearing this turkey suit, and you're looking fly (even though turkeys actually
    can't ... fly).
    Get your own inflatable turkey suit from Fancy Dress Ball
  • Isn’t It Ironic? 4 of 8
    Isn't It Ironic?
    Did Alanis Morissette finally learn the true definition of irony and knit this knitting turkey as an example? Let's hope it's working on its own new head.
    Get your disembodied knitting turkey from Habetrot
  • Fork it Over, Brother 5 of 8
    Fork it Over, Brother
    True story: my brother and I got similar extendo-forks from Restoration Hardware one Thanksgiving. It was super fun not having to ask Mom to pass the mashed potatoes, though I don't think Mom liked it so much.
    Get your extendo-fork from Amazon
  • Gobble, Gobble! 6 of 8
    Gobble, Gobble!
    The best way to annoy your family this Thanksgiving would be to master the call of the wild turkey, then communicate only through gobbling all day long. This kit, complete with a how-to CD and three easy to use calls, will teach you everything you need to know. You might even attract a few neighborhood animals before nightfall.
    Get your own turkey call from Amazon
  • Happy Turkey Timer 7 of 8
    Happy Turkey Timer
    This turkey timer is not shy about letting you know when it's finished. It seems to be signaling the end of our slideshow, so I wish you happy turkey trails and a holiday more hilarious than the last.
    Get your carefree turkey timer from Pichaus
  • Bonus! 8 of 8
    Don't forget, you can always tan your bird into one hot chick for an extra Thanksgiving Day giggle.
    Learn how to get this look for your dinner at Dear Miss Mermaid

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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