What You Should Buy At Forever 21

Every now and then I’ll go into Forever 21 and they’ll just be killing it. Great fits, great materials, great quality, and right on trend. It is serious excitement for me when that happens. Sit down and catch my breath type excitement. Other times I’ll go in and it’s a dearth of bad clubbing attire and I just feel depressed.

I generally consider myself a Forever 21 pro. Having been a student or the wife of a student for seven of my eight years of marriage, I have gotten really good at spotting the diamond in the rough of cheap poly blends at the Forever 21. And shouldn’t I use my powers for good? Don’t you think so?

Forever 21 is a great way to safely try a trend you’re not sure about just yet. If it turns out to be a bust, you’re usually only out about $25. Forever 21 is also great for when you decide you are really into a certain trend, and you want to buy in bulk without feeling overly ridiculous about it–or is that just me and my striped shirt collection?

After the jump, here’s the best of what’s in stock and what you should buy at the Forever 21 right now!

  • Polka Dot Calf Skirt 1 of 20
    Polka Dot Calf Skirt
    Well, ignore the awful styling in this photo, because this skirt is chic as the day is long.
    Buy It Here $19.80
  • Classic Cape Coat 2 of 20
    Classic Cape Coat
    So lovely with some red skinnies.
    Buy It Here, $27.50
  • Longline Geo Cardigan 3 of 20
    Longline Geo Cardigan
    Wear it seamlessly from kicking around the house to lunch with friends to picking up the kids from school.
    Buy It Here, $29.80
  • Leopard Boyfriend Cardigan 4 of 20
    Leopard Boyfriend Cardigan
    I've been iffy on the leopard print trend, but this cardigan is slouchy and non-glamorous enough to pull it off nicely.
    Buy It Here, $24.80
  • Faux Fur Trim Knit Vest 5 of 20
    Faux Fur Trim Knit Vest
    If you're interested in the fur vest trend but aren't ready to take the plunge, this knit vest makes for a nice toe dip.
    Buy It Here, $29.80
  • Wool Blend Southwest Jacket 6 of 20
    Wool Blend Southwest Jacket
    I have this, and I love it. Two thumbs up!
    Buy It Here, $37.80
  • Polka Dot Skirt 7 of 20
    Polka Dot Skirt
    I'd like this skirt with a white polka dot shirt on top. Like a polka dot sundae.
    Buy It Here, $17.80
  • Angora Blend Sweater 8 of 20
    Angora Blend Sweater
    I wear this sweater so much it's gotten into the negatives in cost per wear. Pennies, people!
    Buy It Here, $19.80
  • Chain Strap Cross Body Bag 9 of 20
    Chain Strap Cross Body Bag
    I wouldn't fault you a bit if you let people think it was a Kate Spade.
    Buy It Here, $22.80
  • Crochet Knitted Shift Dress 10 of 20
    Crochet Knitted Shift Dress
    This dress is too sweet for words.
    Buy It Here, $24.80
  • Colorblocked Weekender 11 of 20
    Colorblocked Weekender
    Your luggage deserves to be this cute.
    Buy It Here, $34.80
  • Patterned Skinny Jeans 12 of 20
    Patterned Skinny Jeans
    The pockets. The pockets!
    Buy It Here, $27.80
  • Longline Denim Jacket 13 of 20
    Longline Denim Jacket
    I am in love with this coat! Those buttons!
    Buy It Here, $34.80
  • Tall Polka Dot Socks 14 of 20
    Tall Polka Dot Socks
    If you're not buying your socks at Forever 21, you're spending way too much on socks.
    Buy It Here, $3.80
  • Colorblock Pleats Skirt 15 of 20
    Colorblock Pleats Skirt
    This is darling!
    Buy It Here, $22.80
  • 3/4 Sleeve Lace Dress 16 of 20
    3/4 Sleeve Lace Dress
    Looking for a party dress to flow seamlessly into Spring? Hey, I found it for you!
    Buy It Here, $27.80
  • Ditsy Hearts Dress 17 of 20
    Ditsy Hearts Dress
    Nothing ditsy about this dress! I especially love the styling here. Thick tights and a beanie, done.
    Buy It Here, $19.80
  • Zebra Raglan Dress 18 of 20
    Zebra Raglan Dress
    I am dying over this sweater, I'll have you know.
    Buy It Here, $22.80
  • Herringbone Coat w/Faux Fur Collar 19 of 20
    Herringbone Coat w/Faux Fur Collar
    I love the vintage feel of this coat, and the faux fur is really high quality for the price.
    Buy It Here, $42.80
  • Braided Belt Dot Dress 20 of 20
    Braided Belt Dot Dress
    Roll up the sleeves and swap out the belt and suddenly you're Alexa Chung. No, really.
    Buy It Here, $27.80


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