Where Are Your Manners? Thank You Note Writing Service

Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be an etiquette problem brewing in the motherhood. Look, I get it. We’re all crazy busy. We have no time to shower and can’t possibly be bothered to take care of the little details anymore. And if a friend doesn’t get it or gets miffed about our lack of manners. Well, who needs ‘em! We’re moms. Frazzled, tired and couldn’t-be-bothered.

But motherhood should not be used as an excuse for forgetting our manners. Granted, I have one child and all this politeness will probably fly out the window when I pop out the second, but I really, truly try to show up on time and write thank you notes (er, emails) for birthday gifts and dinner parties.

So while I can’t make you show up on time or even remember to call until the last minute, at least now you can seem like a paragon of etiquette virtue by hiring The Thanks for Everything company to send your thank you notes. Thanks for Everything is a genius service that actually writes, yes writes (if it looks like handwriting, it is), all your thank you notes and delivers them in a neat little bunch ready for you to pop them in the mail box.

See examples of the beautifully handwritten notes after the jump…

It works like this: just answer a few questions, jot down who bought what and presto, magic-o, your thank you cards are composed with all the thoughtfulness and care you couldn’t possibly muster up with your life-load. It may seem a bit like cheating, but it beats the alternative of not sending a note in the first place.

>>What do you think? Are lack of manners forgivable in moms? Do you write thank you cards or think they are an antiquated tradition?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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