Why Play the QWOP Game? And Is There a Strategy?

Do you need a time waster to keep you busy while the kid takes a nap, while the wash runs or while you’re waiting for the dinner to cook?  One that is apparently getting super popular is the flash game QWOP. So what is QWOP and how do you play?

QWOP is pretty simple to play. You just use four keys…Q, W, O and P.

Here’s the deal:

QWOP games is also a Olympic running simulation game that can be played only with four keys. In QWOP game you’re playing an Olympic athlete named Qwop who participated in the sprint race of 100 meters in an Olympic Games.

QWOP game: running simulation game

For play QWOP games, there are four buttons that can be used, namely the Q, W, O and P. From this it can be known why the game is called QWOP game. Gamers must strive for Qwop could run as far as possible without falling.”

Sounds simple? But it is apparently surprising hard. And we wanted to test it out and see HOW hard it is to play, but the servers for QWOP have been overwhelmed and we haven’t been able to get in to test it out ourselves.  But the strategy is that you are supposed to control the runner’s legs and thigh muscles to make him run. The way to make it happen, to get from A and B? Practice, practice and more practice!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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