Why the iPhone Verizon Announcement is SUCH a Big Deal?

Finally. Verizon has officially given it’s iPhone announcement. During their press conference Verizon answered some big questions like when it will be released, when you can preorder and what the cost will be. But one of the other big questions? Why is it such a big deal?

The big issue was that AT&T had a monopoly on the iPhone. If you wanted an iPhone you had no choice but to have an AT&T contract. But how about if you lived in a spot where AT&T reception sucked (for example my husband can’t get any bars at his office…not so handy), well now you have the option to go with another carrier that might work with your area a bit better.

The price for a 16GB phone will be the same at AT&T presently has ($199) and both require a 2-year-contract. But it’s the same phone. Does the same stuff. But just on a different network, let’s hope for Verizon iPhone users that the network doesn’t suffer from too much traffic after the phone activity kicks in.

You can preorder the phone starting Feb. 3rd and the it will be ready to use on February 10th right here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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