Winter Play: 22 Indoor Teepees And Tents

Now that the weather is getting cold, it’s time to start thinking of ways to keep those kids entertained indoors all winter long. I love all these play tents and teepees I’ve been seeing and can’t think of a better way to inspire a little imagination and creative play! Love the one pictured above from Growing Home (see the full tutorial HERE)

Click through the gallery to see a few more great DIY’s awesome inspirations below:

  • Feminine Touch 1 of 20
    Feminine Touch
    The lace gives this tent such a sweet and feminine feel. Plus, it makes for good ventilation!
    See the full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess
  • Dotted TeePee 2 of 20
    Dotted TeePee
    Here's another great tutorial for putting up a classic teepee with a sheet and wooden sticks. Use a cute polka dotted print and add on some flags!
    via My Poppet
  • Tent City 3 of 20
    Tent City
    It sort of looks like a place that childhood dreams are made of, right? Take your teepees to the backyard, hang up some lanterns, and sit by a fire with your family. Enjoy nature and each other's company!
    via Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  • Rustic TeePee 4 of 20
    Rustic TeePee
    If you can't find me I'll probably be hiding out in here. No worries! It's the perfect little teepee for attic rooms!
    via Grace In Ottowa
  • Corner Darling 5 of 20
    Corner Darling
    How's this for the perfect play spot? Build a teepee to fit the dimensions of your kid's warmest corner!
    via Henry's House
  • Picture Perfect 6 of 20
    Picture Perfect
    Ready for a picnic? Here's the perfect spot to dine with the kiddos! I love how the garland hanging above make this whole scene more serene.
    via Renee Hindman
  • Urban Tent 7 of 20
    Urban Tent
    Proof that a tent belongs just about anywhere. I like to call this modern tenting in the city.
    via The Seventy Tree
  • Make Your Own 8 of 20
    Make Your Own
    Make your own quick and easy, but sturdy, teepee this week! It's simple and it'll keep the kids busy for a bit!
    Here's a great tutorial from Sew Mama Sew
  • Plain Canvas 9 of 20
    Plain Canvas
    Can't go wrong with plain canvas. This teepee looks like it found the perfect spot to nest!
    via SF Girl By The Bay
  • Styled Right 10 of 20
    Styled Right
    I love the feathers at the top, so fun! This is probably the most authentic teepee I found. It fits right in with nature.
    via Style Me Pretty
  • Vintage Inspired 11 of 20
    Vintage Inspired
    Who wouldn't want to have a tea party in this lovely spot? Bring a little ethereal air to your backyard with this sweet little teepee.
    via Vintage Rose Garden
  • Modern Touch 12 of 20
    Modern Touch
    I love a space that can mix vintage and modern effectively. The outdoorsy-ness of this teepee isn't too overwhelming in a city apartment.
    via Apartment Therapy
  • Industrial Campout 13 of 20
    Industrial Campout
    I love the lockers but the canvas teepee is pretty cool, too. Check out the awesome dinosaur frames in the background! What a great way to tie the whole look together.
    via Apartment Therapy
  • DIY Play Tent 14 of 20
    DIY Play Tent
    Here's a great tutorial on how to build your own playroom teepee. Hours of imagination will transpire in that place!
    Details here from The Baby Blackbird
  • Playroom Perfect 15 of 20
    Playroom Perfect
    A darling little teepee for your little girl, complete with pink decals! Hang up more decor to top the the camping look.
    via Babyccino
  • Light and Bright 16 of 20
    Light and Bright
    Replace a boy's fort made of pillows and bedsheets with a simple teepee instead! It'll be just as fun, we promise!
    via Chic Cheap Nursery
  • Just The Spot 17 of 20
    Just The Spot
    The teepee adds to the vintage feel of this room together. Place near a window for natural light.
    via My Design Chic
  • Polka Dot Party Tent 18 of 20
    Polka Dot Party Tent
    The polka dot panels on this tent are super cute! Even if your kids don't end up playing in it, it makes for adorable home decor.
    via Pequeocio
  • Living Room TeePee 19 of 20
    Living Room TeePee
    Would you put a teepee in the living room or do you think it would get annoying? I think it's a great centerpiece for a room!
    via Rural Girl Tumblr
  • Tribal TeePee 20 of 20
    Tribal TeePee
    A teepee is basically a big blank canvas so why don't you paint a cool design on it? Have your kids join in on the painting for extra fun!
    Details from You Are The River here

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