Would You Wear: A Bow In Your Hair?

Here’s a trend that both excites and terrifies me: the return of the barrette. Tell me: did you wear barrettes in the 80s? Oh, I rocked the crap out of barrettes in the 80s. Now tell me this: Would you wear one now?

They say that one should enjoy a trend the first time it makes an appearance in their lifetime, and then pass on it the second. But I’m having a hard time not indulging in this one. It’s just so effortless and fun! And perfect for bad hair days, covering blemishes, and dealing with awkward hair regrowth of all kinds. But at the same time, I do worry that I am a walking giant British toddler when I’m wearing my barrette. I have, on more than one occasion, discreetly slipped my barrette out of my hair before going into an important meeting.

But isn’t that ridiculous of me? Because isn’t all fashion really just about having fun and pushing boundaries and ignoring the rules while carefully following the rules at the same time? Like winter whites, for example. That just flies in the face of logic. ¬†And those darn sneaker wedges? Sneakers aren’t for making you look tall, that is not the point!

Am I over thinking this?

I’ve put together a slideshow of some of my favorite barrettes and clips and bows available on the Internet right now. Have a peek through and then tell me in the comments: Would you? Do you? British toddler? ¬†Please and thanks.

  • Flash Bobbi Set 1 of 17
    Flash Bobbi Set
    For a little more subtle look, these barettes are perfect.
    Get your own right HERE. $10.
  • Sparkle & Shine Bobbi Set 2 of 17
    Sparkle & Shine Bobbi Set
    I love these clips! Light as air and just the right size to make a statement.
    Get your own right HERE. $25.
  • Smooch Bobbi 3 of 17
    Smooch Bobbi
    Perfect for Valentines Day.
    Get your own right HERE. $30.
  • Drinking The Stars Comb 4 of 17
    Drinking The Stars Comb
    This is what you need for your next birthday party.
    Get your own right HERE. $55.
  • Mini Ban.Do Heart 5 of 17
    Mini Ban.Do Heart
    These have two kinds of clips, a pin for wearing on clothing and an alligator clip for attaching to . . . your hair? Well, I do, anyway. I like these crazy little hearts an awful lot (but feel a little on the immature side when I'm sporting one) (but in a good way?).
    Get your own right HERE. $10.
  • Glittered Bow Hair Clips 6 of 17
    Glittered Bow Hair Clips
    Now we're talking! Two fiddy!
    Get your own right HERE. $2.50.
  • Scrunched Bow Hair Elastic 7 of 17
    Scrunched Bow Hair Elastic
    In case you prefer your bows in your pony tails...
    Get your own right HERE. $3.80.
  • Woven Bow Hair Clips 8 of 17
    Woven Bow Hair Clips
    These could pull double duty as shoe clips?
    Get your own right HERE. $1.80.
  • Studded Bow Clip 9 of 17
    Studded Bow Clip
    I also love a bow tucked just underneath a top knot for a fancy night out...
    Get your own right HERE. $3.80.
  • Floral Bow Hair Clips 10 of 17
    Floral Bow Hair Clips
    Get your own right HERE. $1.80.
  • Leather Bow Clips 11 of 17
    Leather Bow Clips
    I feel like the leather gives a sweet bow a very welcome edge.
    Get your own right HERE. $16.00.
  • Chiffon Bow Hair Clip 12 of 17
    Chiffon Bow Hair Clip
    Big! Not for the faint of heart!
    Get your own right HERE. $14.00.
  • Sparkling Wings Clip 13 of 17
    Sparkling Wings Clip
    Nothing better than a sparkly little june bug in your hair...
    Get your own right HERE. $12.00.
  • Florabead Clip 14 of 17
    Florabead Clip
    Equally pretty on blondes and brunettes.
    Get your own right HERE. $15.00.
  • Paisley Crystal Pin 15 of 17
    Paisley Crystal Pin
    A little art deco... definitely ups the mature factor.
    Get your own right HERE. $15.00.
  • Mint Cloud Clip 16 of 17
    Mint Cloud Clip
    Would this not be pretty in a wedding up do? Maybe not for every day use?
    Get your own right HERE. $15.00.
  • Celebratory Clip 17 of 17
    Celebratory Clip
    Maybe-too-pretty-for--day-time, definitely-perfect-for-date-night, even-better-for-movie-night-on-the-couch-with-ice-cream.
    Get your own right HERE. $15.00.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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