Would You Wear: A Poncho?

Ponchos. At their best they’re like wearing your favorite blanket around all day and getting to call it “fashion.” At their worst they’re suffocating straight jackets without adequate arm holes. And how do you wear a purse on your shoulder when you’re wearing a poncho? These are the questions I ask myself whenever I encounter a poncho I am sorely tempted by.

But this year I made the plunge and will be gladly rocking a poncho come cooler temps. And anyway, I push a stroller, and the stroller holds my handbag (and if I were nursing, it would sort of be the best), so kind of the poncho is the ultimate mom machine, if you think about it.

I’ve put together a slide show of some of my favorite poncho looks, as well as some links to where you can nab an affordable (or not so affordable) poncho of your own. Give it a spin and tell me in the comments: would you wear a poncho?

  • Fringe Blanket Poncho 1 of 22
    If Anthropologie is selling one, you know it's mainstream enough to try.
    This poncho via Anthropologie, $148.
  • Ralph Lauren Buckle Poncho 2 of 22
    This poncho via Nordstrom, $150.
  • H&M Poncho 3 of 22
    I debated this poncho for months before it finally sold out. And look how great she looks!
    This poncho via Sierra Novotny.
  • Cowl Horizontal Rib Sweater 4 of 22
    Gorgeous. The trick to this style is keeping it slim and monochromatic on the bottom.
    This poncho via Piperlime, $320.
  • Alpaca Wool Poncho 5 of 22
    Can you get over how happy this poncho makes her??
    This poncho via Peru Handicraft, $100.
  • ASOS Poncho 6 of 22
    Perfect with a little striped sleeve happening underneath!
    This poncho via ASOS, $92.
  • Mossimo Hooded Poncho 7 of 22
    Oh, Target.
    This poncho via Target, $21.
  • Oversized Cape Poncho 8 of 22
    For shawties like me, these Japanese online clothing stores are the best ever.
    This poncho via Jacco Fashion, $110.
  • Another H&M Poncho 9 of 22
    This one I DID buy. And I'll be honest. Most times it serves as a blanket on the arm chair. 😉
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • Nudes + Taupes 10 of 22
    I love the way a poncho can be the ultimate edgy neutral.
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • Cool Weather Layers 11 of 22
    I think we can agree that the furry eternity scarf and the poncho were MFEO.
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • WIth Boots 12 of 22
    Another fun, if fairly obvious way to rock your poncho, is with your clompiest boots.
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • Casually Rumpled 13 of 22
    I mean, it IS a blanket after all.
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • Greys + Blacks 14 of 22
    This looks so warm and cozy. Not to mention she's pulling off those Isabel Marant sneakers I'm so obsessed with. Win win win!
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • Bennet Cashmere Poncho 15 of 22
    This little poncho is the softest, most amazing little lover.
    This poncho via Club Monaco, $289.
  • BB Dakota Dupree Poncho 16 of 22
    Get a little wild with your prints, who's to stop you?
    This poncho via Urban Outfitters, $120.
  • Vintage 70s Poncho 17 of 22
    I don't know about you, but I find this poncho fairly amazing.
    This poncho via Urban Outfitters, $179
  • Long + Loose 18 of 22
    A great poncho doesn't need to be cropped. This one has such a great drape to it.
    This poncho via Lookbook.
  • How To Wear It… LIterally 19 of 22
    Here you go! Only, that handbag isn't comfortably going on your shoulder, so plan for that in advance.
    This poncho via Musings Of A Housewife.
  • Bonfire Poncho 20 of 22
    Stop it, Quicksilver. I want this really bad.
    This poncho via Quicksilver, $44.
  • Black + Fringey 21 of 22
    In my opinion, a matching felt hat is really the kicker.
    This poncho via La Modella Mafia.
  • Striped Summertide Poncho 22 of 22
    You know my personal law of Madewell, don't you? This is divine.
    This poncho via Madewell, $100.

P.S. “This poncho via?” Eh? Pancho Villa? Just me? Okay. Sorry.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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