Would You Wear: Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo pants. Talk about a divisive subject!

I’ve been seeing palazzo pants all over the neighborhood since New York Fashion Week started, and they have me entirely intrigued. They’re like a maxi skirt…. only not. They look insanely comfortable, but do they look too much like pajamas? What do you think? Would you wear this style?

After the jump, a quick slideshow featuring a few palazzos done right, and then we can all decide for ourselves.

  • Sunshine Yellow Palazzos 1 of 14
    Sunshine Yellow Palazzos
    In my head, when I'm wearing Palazzos, this is exactly how it looks.
    These palazzo pants via Caroline's Mode.
  • Red Palazzos 2 of 14
    Red Palazzos
    Big and red and absolutely gorgeous.
    These palazzo pants via Elle.
  • Blousy Khaki 3 of 14
    Blousy Khaki
    I've always thought... if it's good enough for Blair, it's good enough for me! 😉
    These palazzo pants via Atlantic-Pacific.
  • Polka Dot Palazzos 4 of 14
    Polka Dot Palazzos
    POLKA DOT PALAZZOS! Come on. Two trends in one? It's a winner.
    These palazzo pants via Fashion Vibe.
  • Printed Palazzos 5 of 14
    Printed Palazzos
    Paired with a denim jacket? I love this look most of all.
    These palazzo pants via See Jane.
  • ASOS Palazzo Pants 6 of 14
    ASOS Palazzo Pants
    This salmon color is so, so cute.
    These palazzo pants via ASOS for $40
  • ASOS Palazzo Pants 7 of 14
    ASOS Palazzo Pants
    A little olive green, the perfect backdrop color for your fall wardrobe.
    These palazzo pants via ASOS for $40
  • Zara Palazzo Pants 8 of 14
    Zara Palazzo Pants
    These are amazing! I love the way that the crazy print is paired with other simple pieces for balance.
    These palazzo pants via Fashion Vibe.
  • Palazzo And Leopard 9 of 14
    Palazzo And Leopard
    The lesson I am taking away is that there is no need to shy away from volume on the top just because you've got so much volume at the bottom.
    These palazzo pants via A Diary Of Style.
  • Yves Saint Laurent 10 of 14
    Yves Saint Laurent
    In case you were wondering, YSL thinks you should be wearing them.
    These palazzo pants via Net-A-Porter for $900.
  • Apricot Palazzos 11 of 14
    Apricot Palazzos
    I love the unexpected blue against these swingy peachy colors.
    These palazzo pants via Lookbook.
  • Geometric Palazzos 12 of 14
    Geometric Palazzos
    Amazing. I feel like my Frank Lloyd Wright loving father-in-law would approve.
    These palazzo pants via Lookbook.
  • Floral Palazzos 13 of 14
    Floral Palazzos
    Even a small floral print looks great. And more than a little bit like a hippie. Who doesn't want to rock the easy-going vibe of the late 60s?
    These palazzo pants via Lookbook.
  • Diamond Palazzos 14 of 14
    Diamond Palazzos
    Not for nothing, but I think I spotted these exact palazzos at Zara. They're the same ones, no?!
    These palazzo pants via Lookbook.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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