Yes, I'm Taking The Bali Fabulous-U 7-Day Challenge

I love a challenge. I really do.  And when I’m asked to test drive lingerie for a week as part of the Bali Fabulous-U 7-Day Challenge, well you know I’d totally jump at that. I just can’t say no to free underwear!

It just so happened I was in dire need of new undergarments, so the timing, it was perfect. And the concept of dragging along my four-year to go bra shopping, well that’s isn’t on the top of my to-do list. So what’s the deal with the Fabulous-U challenge?

For seven days I, along with five other bloggers from other sites,  will be wearing Bali intimates, such as their Comfort U bras, their active wear support bras, and their shapewear for thighs, bellies and behinds. Shapewear is something that isn’t in my regular rotation, but I still have a bit of post baby belly (even though my “baby” is four!), so perhaps their shapewear will make me feel a bit more confident in my more form fitting fashions.

To set me up the challenge I met with a very kind Bali Representative at my local Macys. We tried on a variety of their bras and body shapers to figure out what size I was. My sizes have gone up and down after having a kid and it has been a while since I had a fitting. But I was still what I had been pre-kid. A super duper average 36B. My cup, it does not runneth over. It turns out that Bali is more for the full kinda gal. Other 36B from other companies (the ones in my underwear draw) fit differently than the 36Bs from Bali, which seemed to be for those who are a little more busty. But we found a couple that were a perfect fit. And I would usually describe my hips as being large, but in Bali world, I was medium. Nice. I like them already!

So, this is day one, I’ll give you all a round up of all the goodies at the end of the week –  What worked, what didn’t and what rocked my undergarments world. Again, I love a challenge and if this one will make me look and perhaps feel better, well all the better!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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