Your Must-Have Disneyland Fastpass Plan of Action

Getting around Disneyland can be a nightmare cinch, if you know what you’re doing. It’s all about planning the best route and taking advantage of the Fastpass. What is the Fastpass you ask? Well, the Disneyland Fastpass allows you to avoid, or at least partially avoid, long waits in the sun. You can snag your Fastpass at most major rides, then come back at the time the pass indicates for your turn to skip the line and hop right on the ride. It makes getting around Disneyland that much easier, trust me. If you have older and younger kids this Must-Have Disneyland Fastpass Plan of Action will help make sure everyone has a fantastic time with the least amount of waiting in line…

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Your Must-Have Disneyland Fastpass Plan of Action

First and foremost the quickest way to get on any ride is to get to the park early. Say you did that, right? If you have the Verizon Disney Mobile Magic app, that will help clue you in to wait times at each ride. Okay let’s begin.

Fastpass #1:

Head to Tomorrowland to pick up your Fastpass at Space Mountain. It’s close to the entrance and always gets dreadful lines. Chances are you will be able to return in about an hour or two.

While in Tomorrowland take a ride on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Astro Orbitor. The whole family can enjoy this one. Now it’s probably about time to head back to Space Mountain.

Fastpass #2:

Walk on over to Autopia to pick up your next Fastpass.  Space Mountain is pretty fast so it may just be a ride for the older kids. The younger ones don’t have to just sit and wait, they can go on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Fastpass #3:

Head on over to Toontown, but on your way make a stop through Fantasyland (every little kids dream). Here is where you’ll find the famous It’s a Small World Ride. Zip around on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and take a little rest to watch the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire Show.

When you arrive at Toontown, pick up your Fastpass at Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Sit down and enjoy some lunch. Check out Mickey, Minnie and Chip ‘n Dales houses while your stomach settles. Take a ride on the Gadget’s Go Coaster if you’ve got time. Now it’s time to enjoy Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Wahooo!

Fastpass #4:

Things start to get a little bit crazier now, but don’t worry, that food is kicking in and keeping you pumped. Since the smaller kids probably won’t want to go on this ride, send them with the other adult and all the tickets to Splash Mountain to get Fastpasses for everyone. Meanwhile, wait in line for Thunder Mountain. While the little ones are over near Splash Mountain they can enjoy The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. After the older kids go on Thunder Mountain they can come meet the younger ones at Splash Mountain. Enjoy the ride!

Fastpass #5:

The last Fastpass you are going to want to get is for Indiana Jones. Designate a loyal runner to sprint over with your tickets to pick up Fastpasses for everyone. The group that stays behind should probably get a snack now and head to the Haunted Mansion. Take a spooky ride through the Haunted Mansion. Dash on over to Pirates of the Caribbean, Yo-Ho-Yo- Ho…. It’s Fastpass time, walk over to Indiana and get ready for a wild adventure.

End the night on Main Street with the Fantasmic Fireworks Show. Make sure to keep your eye out for Tinkerbell flying overhead!

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