You’ve Got Mail! 18 Crazy Cool Novelty Mailboxes

When our neighbors asked if we’d be willing to go in on matching mailboxes for our shared mailbox post, we thought, “Sure, why not?” What we didn’t expect was for them to come back with super deluxe bronze mailboxes to the tune of $400 each.

Now I know that a beautiful mailbox can add real curb appeal to your home, but a $400 outdoor box to hold bills seemed a little excessive to me.

In searching for more affordable alternatives, I stumbled down the rabbit hole of novelty mailboxes, which based upon the notices backorder, appear to be in high demand. Who. knew.

  • You’ve Got Mail! 1 of 19

    Take a look at 18 novelty mailboxes you have to see to believe!

  • Computer Mailbox 2 of 19

    We're totally geeking out over this metal mailbox inside a PC monitor! Um, how cool is this monitor screen that opens to receive mail with additional keyboard detail? If you ask us, it's like the virtual convergence of snail mail and email circle-of-life sorta thing.

    Available from Morgan Home Accents; $229.95

  • Civil War Cannon Mailbox 3 of 19

    Gift that Civil War buff in your life this cannon mailbox constructed of wood and galvanized steel. A guaranteed conversation-starter, this novelty field artillery weapon mailbox is a sure shot! Get it?

    Available from Morgan Home Accents; $249.95

  • Volkswagen Bus Mailbox 4 of 19

    Well hello there, handsome Volkswagen bus mailbox! Available in your choice of 12 stunning colors, this mailbox adds instant vintage charm to your home's exterior. As an added bonus, this mailbox pretty much guarantees you're cool peoples.

    Available from Etsy's TheBusBox; $109

  • Beagle Mailbox 5 of 19

    Beagle loves to celebrate! Pay homage to your furry friend with this beagle mailbox that's sure to make your mailbox the talk of the neighborhood (not to mention an absolute favorite among neighborhood kids)!

    Available from Etsy's DadandSonsWW; $125

  • Clown Fish Mailbox 6 of 19

    Nemo lovers are guaranteed to love this novelty clown fish mailbox. Hand constructed and painted, this crazy cool mailbox is guaranteed to make a splash! (Note: this is not an official licensed Disney product.)

    Available from Etsy's CrossKnots; $135


  • Stick Man Mailbox 7 of 19

    I'm not going to pretend to understand the appeal of "smiling stick man mailbox dude," but somebody out there is sure to think he's really something special. Happy to accept your mail, this stick man is available in a variety of colors.

    Available from Mailboxes and Stuff; $895

  • Caveman House Mailbox 8 of 19

    Check out this caveman house mailbox that looks like it belongs in Bedrock City! Available in post mount and wall mount styles, this mailbox will leave you screaming, "Yabba dabba do!" (Note: this is not an official licensed Hanna-Barbera product.)

    Available from Morgan Home Accents; $199.95

  • Mermaid Mailbox 9 of 19

    Bring the novelty of the sea to suburbia with this mermaid mailbox customizable in a variety of hair and suit colors.

    Available from Mailboxes and Stuff; $175

  • Bass Mailbox 10 of 19

    Perfect for "gone fishing" types, this baby bass decorative mailbox is a fun way to display your beloved past time. Constructed from high impact polyethylene coated with special UV protection, your novelty mailbox is guaranteed to stay vibrant and fun.

    Available from The Mailbox Works; $137

  • Cow Mailbox 11 of 19

    Moooooooooove over, regular mailboxes! There's a neeeeeeeeeeeeeew mailbox in town and she's "spot on"! Handmade and full of country charm, this cow mailbox is an adorable addition to your home's exterior.

    Available from Etsy's DadandSonsWW; $130

  • Flying Pig Mailbox 12 of 19

    You said you'd get a novelty mailbox when pigs fly and guess what? Now they do! Available in three color options, this flying piggy mailbox is perfect for pig lovers.

    Available from Mailboxes and Stuff; $175

  • Shih Tzu Mailbox 13 of 19

    Shih Tzu lovers will be proud to display this novelty mailbox as a nod to their silky-haired pets. Bursting with Shih Tzu pride, this handmade mailbox with wagging tongue is sure to make your house one to remember.

    Available from Etsy's MyCountryHaven; $110+

  • Western Saloon Mailbox 14 of 19

    Tip your hat to the wild west with this saloon-inspired novelty mailbox with amazing detail and superior design.

    Available from Morgan Home Accents; $199.95

  • Schoolhouse Mailbox 15 of 19

    If nostalgic curb appeal is what you're after, consider this handmade wooden schoolhouse mailbox. Made of plywood and pine, this novelty mailbox is U.S. Postal-approved and full of intricate details you're sure to love.

    Available from Amazon; $399

  • Caboose Mailbox 16 of 19

    Well bust my boiler, train lovers are sure to adore this bright red caboose mailbox, complete with ringing bell! All aboard!

    Available from Mailboxes and Stuff; $235

  • Bengal Cat Mailbox 17 of 19

    They're gonna hear you roar! This hand-painted bengal cat mailbox makes a ferociously adorable statement that's just perfect for cat lovers young and old.

    Available from Mailboxes and Stuff; $165


  • Golf Bag Mailbox 18 of 19

    Make it tee time all the time with this golf bag mailbox. Perfect for golf lovers with a sense of humor, this handmade mailbox is rust-resistant and packed full of fun!

    Available from Amazon; $103.50


  • Hummingbird Mailbox 19 of 19

    Bird watchers will just love this novelty mailbox with rich vibrant colors. Handmade, rust-resistant, and able to withstand the elements, your statement hummingbird mailbox is guaranteed to last.

    Available from The Mailbox Works; $98

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