Zara Home Debuts in the US!

Zara Home Debuts in the US!

Did you hear that collective gasp across blogland? Zara Home (yes, of the Zara we all know and love for fashion) has finally launched a shopping site for the US. They’re even offering free shipping in October. Huzzah! Below are a dozen of my favorites from the brand new site. Prepare thy wallets.

  • Walton Mirror 1 of 12
    Walton Mirror
    This looks a little like you may have found it thrifting, but it has a modern edge to it at the same time. Nice.
    Zara Home, $80
  • Olof Vase 2 of 12
    Olof Vase
    That shape is perfect, and the stripes are adorable.
    Zara Home, $30
  • New Frizzy Tumbler 3 of 12
    New Frizzy Tumbler
    Gorgeous color, a simple shape, and a little interest to the glass — I wish my everyday glasses looked this good.
    Zara Home, $5
  • Bernard Tablecloth and Napkin 4 of 12
    Bernard Tablecloth and Napkin
    Stripes, done right. The color palette is fantastic.
    Zara Home, $26-80
  • Meltiar Hourglass 5 of 12
    Meltiar Hourglass
    I'm afraid I'd fritter away precious time because I'd be so enthralled just looking at this beautiful little time-marker.
    Zara Home, $36
  • Earth Pillow 6 of 12
    Earth Pillow
    I think they named this one poorly, because it's out of this world! (OK, cheesiness over.)
    Zara Home, $80
  • Metal Stripes Billy Bedding 7 of 12
    Metal Stripes Billy Bedding
    Subtle in its tone-on-tone color scheme, but glam in its use of metallic.
    Zara Home, $99-149
  • Smyrna Vase 8 of 12
    Smyrna Vase
    The simple shape and strategically placed silver band would elevate even the most ordinary grocery store blooms into something special.
    Zara Home, $17
  • Mohair Flecos Throw 9 of 12
    Mohair Flecos Throw
    I just want to wrap myself up in this. Doesn't it look so soft and fluffy?
    Zara Home, $189
  • Monocle Nesting Tables 10 of 12
    Monocle Nesting Tables
    Chic, glam little numbers like these usually go for a lot more than this set of 2 does.
    Zara Home, $249
  • Jane Basket 11 of 12
    Jane Basket
    How brilliant would this rustic-woven but colorful basket look in an otherwise white room?
    Zara Home, $36
  • Americana Dinnerware 12 of 12
    Americana Dinnerware
    Leave it to a Spanish company to get Americana just right.
    Zara Home, $5-36

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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