Zebra Envy: 5 Black & White Outfits for Girls

Zebra Envy Black White Dress for GirlsI love black and white clothes for kids. Monochromatic is a nice departure from the ordinary and it makes a statement, especially for youngsters. It’s crisp and clean and not too grown-up.

For me personally, I like something other than red, blue and green for my boys. One of my favorite shirts for my son is a black and white striped polo shirt. It always looks fresh and fun – at least until the next craft project or pizza party.

From formal holiday dresses to casual streetwear for kiddos, little girls have a lot of cool options when it comes to sporting non-colors. I even found a bunch of cute infant clothes in shades of black and white with a splash of color. Which one is your fave?

See 5 cool black & white outfits for babies & little girls after the jump!

Zunie Velvet Striped Dress Girls

Zunie Velvet Stripe Taffeta Dress for infants and little girls – I’m totally smitten with the crisp, clean and fun attitude this dress exudes. It just looks amazing and the pop of hot pink is just enough to keep it playful and young. Retails for $52 – $54.

Iris Ivy Black White Ruffle Dress

Iris & Ivt Dropped Waist Ruffle Dress for infants – This is a just a bottle of fun ready to explode! It’s playful without be too frilly and the tulle under the hem gives it an extra ounce of fun. Retails for $26.

Pink Angel Zebra Tee Girls

Pink Angel Screenprinted Zebra Tee & Scarf for little girls – A super outfit for a day at the park or a special party! I had to find something based on my zebra inspiration and this combo is just too cool to ignore. Retails for $26.

Burberry Black Satin Dress Girls

Burberry Satin Dress for infants – I know, I’m getting rather splurgy. But I love anything from Burberry that isn’t the signature plaid. I think this is just an adorable dress with a modern silhouette. Then again, does ‘dry clean only’ make any sense at all for an infant? Okay, let’s just examine the cuteness. And the striped lining. Retails for $86.

Us Angels Tulle Dress for Girls

Us Angels Tulle Ballerina Dress for toddlers & little girls – I know it’s totally extravagant, but isn’t just lovely? It comes in 2T, 3T and 4T.  A soft grosgrain bow and detachable flower adorn the waist of this ballerina-inspired dress. Retails for $150.

Images: Nordstrom

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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