November 2018 Horoscopes for Moms


The New Moon this month might have you longing for deeper connections …

Watch the Scorpio Mom’s full November horoscope: 


Your upbeat vibe will be infectious this month, Sagittarius, especially when it comes to holiday spirit.

Watch the Sagittarius Mom’s full November horoscope: 


This month might get a tad too emotional for your taste, but you’ve got the mom moves to manage it all.

Watch the Capricorn Mom’s full November horoscope: 


You are all about thinking outside the box this month, Aquarius. New ideas are coming your way.

Watch the Aquarius Mom’s November 2018 horoscopes:


This month comes with a message about managing your personal energy, Pisces.

Watch the Pisces Mom’s full November horoscope: 


With all of the family activities that November brings, you will be feeling ALL the feels.

Watch the Aries Mom’s full November horoscope: 


You are super crafty this month, Taurus! Enjoy this burst of creativity.

Watch the Taurus Mom’s full November horoscope: 


You’ve got lots of opinions this month, Geminis, and you’re not afraid to share them! 

Watch the Gemini Mom’s full November horoscope: 


You will be the calm eye of the storm when it comes to people’s emotional needs this month. Yield this power wisely. 

Watch the Cancer Mom’s full November horoscope: 


November comes with encouragement to be more mindful with your time.

Watch the Leo Mom’s full November horoscope:


This month comes with a call for independence! It might be a good time to pick up a hobby or side gig.

Watch the Virgo Mom’s full November horoscope:


November will bring a lucky streak for you, Libras! Enjoy the good juju. 

Watch the Libra Mom’s full November horoscope:

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