The Aquarius Mom’s October 2018 Horoscope: Make Love, Not War

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Mercury enters Scorpio on the 9th and warns against giving long-winded lectures about bed-making, litter box scooping, or why the teenager bagging your groceries should go heaviest to … People will tune you out at the first whiff of a rant. And really, nagging is so not your style.

There’s just this extra charge in the air now that gets you a little bit carried away with the unsolicited advice. But it’s probably best to keep it to yourself this month.

On the 23rd when the Sun joins Mercury in Scorpio, you and your honey are scheduled for some hot and heavy romance — as long as you don’t mistake all that passion for a call to arms.

This is not the time to get nitpicky about the annoying way he walks right out of his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. He already knows you hate it, but old habits die hard. And here’s a new thought: If you can’t beat him, join him. Walk yourself right out of that dress and straight into bed. You can worry about the mess tomorrow.

When Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 30th, your word had better be your bond or there could be fresh hell to pay. Do whatever it takes to meet that crazy deadline, return the neighbor’s casserole dish, and if you promised the kid you’d do a certain thing on a certain day at a certain time … do it. It’ll build some trust, and you’ll avoid any emotional fallout around hurt feelings or disappointment.

Your mantra for the month of October is: I make love, not war.

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