The Pisces Mom’s October 2018 Horoscope: Harness the Good Vibes

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The New Moon in Libra on the 8th feels like a nice, cozy hug from the universe. Do not take this peaceful, easy feeling for granted. It won’t last long, so harness the good vibes now to set up more smiles for the future.

Now might be a good time to hit the garage sale circuit to stock up on some inexpensive picture frames and turn your hallway into a gallery for your kid’s most spectacular creations.

When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 30th, you may find yourself getting sucked into someone else’s radical ideas about the future.

The problem is, you’re more impressed with their enthusiasm than with the actual proposition. It could get awkward once you realize that the hub’s sudden itch to uproot the entire gang in search of a more cosmopolitan lifestyle is way out of whack with your own take on happiness.

You hate to burst his bubble, but at least you’ve got the grace to let him down gently. Try breaking the news over a plate of warm cookies. It was probably just a passing phase, anyway. He might be relieved you brought it up first.

Venus retrograde enters Libra on the 31st, and your commitment to keeping the peace may start to spin a teensy bit out of control. Shouting at a toddler to give the baby back her binky is not quite the zen you’re looking for. Take a breath. Milk gets spilled, cranky pants happen, and every once in a while, a very important episode of This Is Us gets erased from the DVR. Yes, it sucks, but freaking out about it only makes it suck more.

Your mantra for the month of October is: Om, Mama, Om. I got this.

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