The Leo Mom’s September 2018 Horoscope: It’s Better to Bend Than Break

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Mercury enters Virgo on the 5th, bringing a critical eye to communications with others, which quite frankly makes you feel a teensy bit picked on. Why are people getting all Judge Judy over every little thing?

You’re such an expansive, big-picture mama that this kind of myopic focus tends to give you a headache. Don’t let it. See if you can use it to your advantage. The next time the kid complains about not getting the correct Cheerio to milk ratio in his breakfast bowl, announce that it’s time for everyone to start pouring their own cereal. Done.

The Sun enters peace-keeping Libra on the 22nd, which really helps smooth over any petty conflicts you’ve had in the past with your mate or co-workers. The need to be right gives way to a simple desire to just get along. Of course you know that your way is the correct way to install a roll of toilet paper, but it’s not worth losing sleep over.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 24th shows you that, even as much of your life is oriented around the needs of others, in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium, you must claim something special just for yourself. Preferably something beyond life as a tub-scrubbing, grocery juggling, boo boo-kissing chef and part-time chauffeur.

Declare every Thursday “Movie and Pizza Night without Mom,” then use that time away to paint a mural over that ugly wall in the garage or start an Instagram account devoted to your secret quest to achieve peak post-baby abs. Anything playful that gives you time to yourself is perfect.

Your mantra for the month of September is: It’s better to bend than break.

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