The Pisces Mom’s September 2018 Horoscope: Life Is Better with a Sense of Humor

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When Mercury enters Virgo on the 5th, you may feel impatient when others don’t stick to the program. You’re normally the queen of empathy, a paragon of patience, Saint Mom (!) … but still — we all have our breaking point.

Yes, it’s annoying when you ask the hubs to grab dinner and he shows up with a half-eaten burrito, talking with his mouth full about how he thought you meant to just grab himself Taco Bell. But also? No one’s going to starve. You’ve always got an emergency pizza in the freezer.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th, and life gets super emotional at home. Tears are quick to flow over any number of things — a sappy commercial, a thoughtful gesture, or the most innocent remark about your weight. You’re feeling your feelings big time, but so too is your fam.

You don’t even have time to react when the kid spills an entire carton of milk all over the carpet and walls because he’s already having enough of a meltdown for you both. What else can you do but laugh? Laugh, and the kid will laugh with you. Freak out, and well — you know how that goes.

Mercury enters Libra on the 21st, and it seems you’ve finally arrived at a place where everyone feels they’ve had their say. You understand each other better now, and you’re all more than happy to pile onto the couch with a communal bowl of popcorn and the latest episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos. It’s little moments like this that make family such a big deal.

Your mantra for the month of September: Life is better with a sense of humor.

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