The Taurus Mom’s September 2018 Horoscope: Life’s a Balancing Act

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Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and finds you slipping into stealth mode. You might sneak a few kisses in the pantry with your honey or write your secret novel late at night in the bathtub.

You’ve also got the mom moves to get that sleeping toddler from her stroller to the car seat in one fell swoop and hide spinach in the “chocolate smoothies” when no one is looking. This is love in motion.

When the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, you finally understand that lasting victory is built on creating win-win situations. Otherwise, the win is painfully short lived. If there is a loser, there must in turn be a rematch, or worse, revenge.

Therefore, sandwiches will henceforth be divided into perfectly even parts, diaper duty shall be split equally between all adult parties, and for every new toy that comes into your home, another must go. It’s all about balance. This is how you keep the peace in September.

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on the 30th and you’re no longer afraid to speak up when that notoriously grumpy barista jacks up your latte with an unsolicited glob of pumpkin spice.

You’re dialed into the big picture now and are reminded that the way you react to the world around you literally sets the template for how your kids will react, too. With much power comes much responsibility, and you’re totally up for the challenge.

Your mantra for the month of September: I’m so balanced, I could walk a tightrope.

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