10 Adorable T-Shirts for the Geek-Chic Kid

Each of my kids have their own idea of style and fashion. I have talked about this a bit before and people have mentioned that it’s not their fashion, it’s mine since I buy their clothes, but that’s not true.

I do pick out my kids clothes, but they come up with the most fun combinations of what to wear with what, how a shirt can be tied differently to make an even better shirt and layering pieces that just make a really cool combination. It’s really fun to watch and I hope they keep their quirkyness as long as they can.

There are some shirts that I’d love to get for my kids because I just find them so cute. I know it would mash well with their style and personality and if you have a kid you consider a little geeky and chic and you wan’t to support their love for all things geek, you have to check out these cute shirts!

  • 10 Awesome Geek Shirts 1 of 11
    10 Awesome Geek Shirts
    These are just too cute not to share and kids who love science are the best.
  • Do Science 2 of 11
    Do Science
    Yes, science should be encouraged for our kids and this shirt is just too cute.
    Go get one for you from Rainbow Swirlz/Etsy, $5
  • Talk Nerdy 3 of 11
    Talk Nerdy
    Nerdy is the new awesome and getting your kids nerd-happy early, will set them up for life.
    Go get one for you from geekthings/Etsy, $14.99
  • Microscope 4 of 11
    Vintage microscope on a simple t-shirt makes this an adorably fun choice.
    Go get one for you from Whimsy Onesie/Etsy, $16.50
  • Nursery Geek 5 of 11
    Nursery Geek
    Take a nursery rhyme and instead of making it scary (like they always seem to be), turn it geek awesome.
    Go get one for you from waycooltshirts/Etsy, $16
  • Pi 6 of 11
    Get them to love big fans of the right kind of pi when they're young.
    Go get one for you from CritterJitters/Etsy, $11.99
  • Physicist 7 of 11
    Show tribute to the great minds of physics and only the super-geek will get it.
    Go get one for you from Ex-Boyfriend's Overstock Shop/Etsy, $10
  • Banana 8 of 11
    This is a whole lot of cute that's also mixed in with some cute chemistry humor.
    Go get one for you from Elementees:/Etsy, $15.95
  • ASCII 9 of 11
    This cute picture of a crab using the keyboard is such a cute idea for kids.
    Go get one for you from geekthings/Etsy, $12.99
  • Will Not Do It 10 of 11
    Will Not Do It
    If you're good with computers, chances are you will be asked to fix someone's computer. If your child is great with computers, they will understand this one day too.
    Go get one for you from geekthings/Etsy, $14.99
  • Stand Back 11 of 11
    Stand Back
    For your child who loves science and wants to figure out the way of the world, this is the t-shirt!
    Go get one for you from Ice Cream Tees /Etsy, $14.99


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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