10 Birthday Traditions to Start With Your Kids This Year

10 Birthday Traditions to Start With Your Kids This Year

It’s birthday season in our house right now. Starts every year in December and goes to the end of February and in that span, all three of our kids celebrate their most favorite day of the year —

Their birthday!

With all their birthdays within a few short months, we don’t always have a big birthday party for each of them. We have specified years where each one gets a big birthday, but on the off-years, we still want to make their special day as fun as it can be.

We like to have fun traditions we have each year — for each kid. One of the big ones we do is make the kids in charge of the menu for their birthday. They get to choose the breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plus of course, dessert.

Check out some fun birthday traditions you should consider making a yearly fun thing for your kid’s birthday:

  • Chose Your Food 1 of 10
    Chose Your Food
    Put your birthday kid in charge of the menu for the day. Give them choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and be okay if the answer for all three is pancakes.
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  • Hide and Seek 2 of 10
    Hide and Seek
    Instead of placing any gifts on the table, make a game out if it. Leave notes and clues for your child to find the hidden gift.
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  • Dress Up 3 of 10
    Dress Up
    Each year, have a different theme of attire for the day. One year you could all be told to dress up as baseball players and the next make it a wackiest-clothes party.
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  • Have a Party 4 of 10
    Have a Party
    It doesn't have to be the most extravagant party ever and can vary from year to year, but party it up. Host a small gathering at your house one year and the next make it a location party.
  • Balloon Overload 5 of 10
    Balloon Overload
    In the middle of the evening when your birthday babe is sleeping, cover their room with balloons. They will be in for a fun surprise when they wake up.
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  • Build Up The Time Capsule 6 of 10
    Build Up The Time Capsule
    Each year place some item of significance in a time capsule and watch it grow each year. You can also spend some time going over the trinkets of the past.
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  • Breakfast in Style 7 of 10
    Breakfast in Style
    Serve your birthday kid their breakfast in bed. Make it a fun thing to cuddle and read together too.
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  • Give Back 8 of 10
    Give Back
    If you're in the position where you're able to help others -- make it a yearly thing for your child to do on their birthday. It can be volunteering for a few hours or donating their saved allowance.
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  • Celebrate the Exact Time 9 of 10
    Celebrate the Exact Time
    Celebrate the birth minute that your babe was born. Break out the streamers and noise makers for that time -- even if it's at 3 in the morning.
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  • Balloon Avalanche 10 of 10
    Balloon Avalanche
    Surprise your child first think in the morning with a balloon avalanche. They will open the door to an abundance of balloons in the face.
    Wanna learn how to do this? Check out the tutorial on My Dream Sample Box.

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