10 Children's Books By Celebrities

Bad as I Wanna Be, Good Night Moon!

Guess who is writing a children’s book? Dennis Rodman! And if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, well, what took him so long? And oh, I thought he’d written a couple already! And perhaps, OMG, is a Charlie Sheen Bible Study Guide for children far behind?  But it’s true, my friends, Dennis Rodman is an author!

And while we’re celebrating this exciting literary development, I thought it would be fun to look through some of the other celebrity-penned books!


  • Henry Winkler 1 of 10
    Henry Winkler
    That's right, The Fonz himself (well, maybe with a co-author) wrote Hank Zipzer about a 4th grader. Funny stories about a kid who struggles with school. Thanks to my friend, Peajaye for recommending it to me!
    Get it from Amazon $13.57
  • Sting 2 of 10
    Rock Steady is Sting's retelling of Noah's Ark. Get it? ROCK STEADY?! This one isn't for everyone.
    Get it from Amazon $6.19
  • Brooke Shields 3 of 10
    Brooke Shields
    How hard was it not to title this book Welcome to the World, Pretty Baby? Brooke's book (hardcore Brooke fans will get the reference) deals with the topic of become a sibling.
    Get it from Amazon $6.80
  • Julianne Moore 4 of 10
    Julianne Moore
    Julianne Moore's Freckleface secured her place as a respected children's author. The book is about a girl who tries various ways of dealing with her freckles before finally embracing them.
    Get it from Amazon $6.58
  • Spike Lee 5 of 10
    Spike Lee
    Kids wake up early and never tire. Go ahead, plead with them!
    Get it from Amazon $6.99
  • Jeff Foxworthy 6 of 10
    Jeff Foxworthy
    A collection of children's poems by the comic who brought you You Might be a Redneck If.
    Get it from Amazon $7.20
  • Julie Andrews Blake 7 of 10
    Julie Andrews Blake
    10 year old Mandy runs away from the orphanage in search of a home.
    Get it from Amazon $6.99
  • Jamie Lee Curtis 8 of 10
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Possibly my favorite celebrity-children's book author. Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born is a page-turning tale of love and adoption.
    Get it from Amazon $6.99
  • Billy Crystal 9 of 10
    Billy Crystal
    A grandpa anticipates the arrival of his grandchild. Very sweet book. Get it from Amazon $7.99
  • Madonna 10 of 10
    The English Roses is the first in a series of Madonna's books about school girls who are envious of a new girl in their school. But once they get a peek into the realities of her life, their envy turns to friendship. My daughter adored these books with she was about 7 and when she discovered Madonna the singer as a teen couldn't believe that in addition to being an author, she also had a music career!
    Get it from Amazon $14.88

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