10 Children’s Books to Inspire Grateful Young Hearts

As parents, we tirelessly work to instill a sense of gratitude within our children and in today’s culture of more and better, it’s easy to overlook the many small blessings in our everyday. So this November as we turn our attention on giving thanks, let us not forget the power and importance of expressing gratitude all year long.

Whether we choose to incorporate gratitude books into our nighttime reading rotation, work on DIY gratitude projects with our families, or serve others as way of giving thanks, let’s continue inspiring grateful young hearts at home today and every day.

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    Take a look at 10 children's books designed to inspire gratitude in hearts young and old.

  • Tha Blankful Heart by Mr. Meus 2 of 11

    What it's about: The Babbles in Babbleland (no affiliation with Babble.com *wink*) have way too much stuff and once Billy Babble, the richest of them all, begins to feel like something is missing, he sets out on a quest to fill his empty heart.


    What it teaches: A grateful heart is a happy heart.


    Why your child will love it: Without so much as a single illustration, this engaging and rhythmic tale is delightfully imaginative and fun!

    Kindle version available from Amazon; $0.99

  • Thanks a Million by Nikki Grimes 3 of 11

    What it's about: A collection of 16 poems in a variety of formats including haiku, riddle, and rebus that each highlight childhood experiences involving gratitude.


    What it teaches: Methods for recognizing, expressing and practicing gratitude for children.


    Why your child will love it: Familiar situations combined with vibrant artwork and a variety of poetic mediums makes this book a mesmerizing read with a powerful message.

    Available from Amazon; $16.10

  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein 4 of 11

    What it's about: The lifelong relationship between a selfless tree who loved a selfish boy.


    What it teaches: The power of friendship and the bittersweet trappings of unconditional love.


    Why your child will love it: Minimalist drawings paired with strong emotional themes make this classic a tender story that your child will want to readĀ over and over again.

    Available from Amazon; $11.35


  • Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty 5 of 11

    What it's about: A boy named Andy encounters a lion on his way to school and becomes his lifelong friend by removing a painful thorn from his paw. Lion then returns the favor in Andy's time of need.


    What it teaches: Why we should help others without expecting anything in return.


    Why your child will love it: As an inspired retelling of the classic tale of Androcles and the Lion, this timeless story comes to new life with stunning illustrations and imaginative narrative.

    Available from Amazon; $6.29

  • An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton 6 of 11

    What it's about: A delightfully quirky list of things we ought to be thankful for, from the simple to the extraordinary.


    What it teaches: How beautiful life can be when we give thanks.


    Why your child will love it: Whimsical childlike artwork of magical unicorns, robotic dinosaurs, aerobic alligators combined with heartwarming prose is sure to make this book a family favorite.

    Kindle version available from Amazon; $3.99

  • Small Blessings by Erica Becker 7 of 11

    What it's about: An enchanting collection of examples and reminders of how small blessings can have a big impact on our lives.


    What it teaches: Every day is filled with gifts that bring us personal joy and this book is dedicated to teaching hearts young and old where to discover them.


    Why your child will love it: Charming illustrations and simple text will captivate your child and encourage them to get started on their personal discovery of small blessings.

    Available from Amazon; $9.99

  • Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks by John Bucchino 8 of 11

    What it's about: A quiet celebration of the beauty of nature and the power of personal faith.


    What it teaches: How to recognize and appreciate the glory of our earth.


    Why your child will love it: Painted illustrations by renowned artist Anna-Lisa Hakkarainen and an accompanying CD recorded by Art Garfunkel provide a multisensory gratitude experience.

    Available from Amazon; $14.23

  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud 9 of 11

    What it's about: The invisible bucket we each carry around and how kind words and actions "fill" others' buckets and make them feel good while unkind words and actions take away from them.


    What it teaches: The personal rewards that come from exhibiting everyday love and respect.


    Why your child will love it: Vivid illustrations and simple text effectively explain the power of our words and behaviors toward others. Your child will love citing examples of how they fill the buckets of family and friends.

    Available from Amazon; $8.95

  • The Thankful Book by Todd Parr 10 of 11

    What it's about: Children celebrating the simple things they are most grateful for - from their shadow, to their growing garden, to bathtime fun and so much more.


    What it teaches: Recognition of gratitude in small everyday moments.


    Why your child will love it: Fun cartoons and inspirational text will encourage your young child to celebrate the things that make their heart feel most thankful.

    Available from Amazon; $9.57

  • I’m Thankful Each Day by P. K. Hallinan 11 of 11

    What it's about: A boy who ponders and celebrates the many things he has to be thankful for each day.


    What it teaches: How to recognize often overlooked blessings in our surroundings.


    Why your child will love it: Vibrant illustrations and simple prose celebrate the wonder of your child's everyday in a capacity that's easily understood and enjoyed by all ages.

    Available from Amazon; $5.36

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