10 Classic Cartoons that Taught Me Everything I Know

If you’re like me, you probably watch cartoons with your kids. There are some atrocious ones (Syd the Science Kid) and some decent ones (Kipper). I think the main difference between cartoons then and now is that the cartoons I watched were mostly about adults — Space Ghost, Bugs, Fred Flintstone.

My kids watch cartoons about kids — Olivia, Blue, Super Why. There’s probably some developmental reasoning behind it, but you just don’t want to grow up to be a Backyardigan the way I wanted to grow up to be Foghorn Leghorn — now there was a chicken with class.

My old-fashioned cartoons may have been less “educational” but they instilled values in me nevertheless. If you watched as much TV as I did, it will stick with you. And when I’m trying to maintain a cool exterior in a tough situation I can still hear Bugs’ nonchalant indifference in my head, “Gee, ain’t I a stinker.”

More life lessons from classic cartoons  after the jump.

  • Bugs Bunny is cool 1 of 10
    Bugs Bunny is cool
    Never at a loss for a witty comeback, caring less than anyone else, chomping on a carrot like Brad Pitt polishing off a sandwich in Ocean's 11, who's cooler than Bugs Bunny? Nobody. Bugs was saying "meh" before "meh" was a thing.
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  • Elmer Fudd is not cool 2 of 10
    Elmer Fudd is not cool
    What a loser — gun-toting, incompetent, short, bald, and slow to boot. The message of Elmer Fudd is: Don't be like Elmer Fudd. We wead you loud and clear, Fudd.
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  • Pepe Le Pew is a sexual predator 3 of 10
    Pepe Le Pew is a sexual predator
    If it walks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, and talks like a French man, AVOID. Smash it with a giant hammer, if necessary.
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  • You can be smart like Velma 4 of 10
    You can be smart like Velma
    As a fledgeling detective, I worshiped Velma. It was clear that being the smart one was a trade-off. Wear bulky orange sweaters and always be overlooked for Daphne? Sure. Sign me up!
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  • Kind of literal but, uh, eat your spinach 5 of 10
    Kind of literal but, uh, eat your spinach
    There's just something about Popeye. He made canned spinach seem so appetizing the way he squeezed the can open and slid the spinach into his mouth. It got me to eat spinach, that's for sure.
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  • Fat Albert was my first black friend 6 of 10
    Fat Albert was my first black friend
    My town wasn't super multicultural when I was little, but I always felt like I knew a really diverse group of people. Perhaps this says more about my relationship with TV than anything else, but I kind of feel like Fat Albert was in my class and we were buddies.
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  • Daffy Duck is hilarious 7 of 10
    Daffy Duck is hilarious
    Sarcastic, jealous, delightfully meta and a total jerk. Oh Daffy, you had me at de-thpicable.
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  • You’ve got to hand it to Pink, that cat has style 8 of 10
    You've got to hand it to Pink, that cat has style
    The irresistible music, those stylized opening credits — watching The Pink Panther is a lesson in art appreciation at any age.
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  • Yogi Bear is a conservationist who loves lunch 9 of 10
    Yogi Bear is a conservationist who loves lunch
    Yogi Bear was all about raising awareness for two issues that are close to my heart: 1. Conservation of national parks and 2. lunch. I can't think of a more formative character.
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  • Charlie Brown is every man 10 of 10
    Charlie Brown is every man
    He's bald, he wears shorts and a weird shirt all the time — but that's where the similarities between Charlie Brown and Caillou end. Charlie Brown understands irony, is self-deprecating, and displays world-weary wisdom. Caillou willfully misunderstands everything, is self-absorbed, and has no clue. I weep for today's children.
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What are your kids learning from the cartoons they watch?

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