10 Confessions of a Short-Haired Gal

I’m a slave to a few things in my life:

My kids

My house

My blog

My hair

And not necessarily in that order.

A few years back I decided I wanted to trade in my mid-length hair for something with a little more spunk. With each mile closer to the salon I found myself getting braver and braver. Maybe I’ll go for a pixie cut. I like pixies, they’re cute. I could be cute….especially in a pixie cut. Yes, pixie cut it is. A surge of adrenaline rushed through my body at the very thought of it. No more hiding behind my hair, it was going to be all me and all face. As I sat down in my stylist’s chair I had an epiphany: I do not/nor will I ever have Winona Ryder’s petite frame.


Slightly angered by my genetics, I decided to nix the pixie and went for a “longer” short haircut instead.

Before you read further, just know you won’t leave this post inspired or warm-hearted. You might not even leave this post glad you read it, but for those of you considering a short ‘do just in time for summer, I hereby offer the following short hair confessions for your consideration.

  • Men generally prefer long hair 1 of 10
    Men generally prefer long hair
    I can't blame them, I like long hair too. If you decide to go short, be prepared for a lot of "Why did you do that?" and "I liked your long hair better" comments from the opposite sex. It's not personal, it's just hair.
    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • People will either love your short hair or hate it 2 of 10
    People will either love your short hair or hate it
    It's just not a shades of gray kind of thing. No matter what people say in response to your short hair, their true feelings will be written all over their surprised face.
    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • People will assume you’re a brave, sassy thing 3 of 10
    People will assume you're a brave, sassy thing
    I am neither brave, nor sassy but if my hair is telling the world I am, it may know something I don't. My hair never lies.
  • Female strangers on the short hair fence will stalk you… 4 of 10
    Female strangers on the short hair fence will stalk you...
    in the most unlikely places and ask for your stylist's phone number. Carry her business card; I do.
    [Image credit: Shutterstock]
  • Short hair isn’t easier 5 of 10
    Short hair isn't easier
    I mean, it is but it isn't. One would think less hair, less hassle and while that is true in one regard, maintaining femininity in spite of short hair takes a little more effort. At least it does for me. Big earrings and 5 more coats of black mascara seem to do the trick.
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  • Not all pomades are created equal 6 of 10
    Not all pomades are created equal
    Short and choppy or razored haircuts crave texture. Without texture, short layered cuts tend to look Bieberesque. I can brush my hair into a wicked Beiber ‘do but I'll spare you the parlor trick. Find a pomade that provides non-sticky and lasting texture. And one more thing, pomade is entirely different than gel. Gel is not your friend, in fact it's your mortal enemy.
    Get my absolute fav Creamy Pomade from Enjoy at Amazon, $16.49
  • You might need a third arm 7 of 10
    You might need a third arm
    If you're anything like me, you're completely and utterly inept with a blow dryer and a round brush. Frankly, I find drying even my short hair to be exhausting and acrobatic.
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  • Short hair gets long really fast 8 of 10
    Short hair gets long really fast
    By the time my hair has reached the middle of my neck it's lost its shape and I'm complaining about having long hair. Short hairstyles generally require a trim every 5-6 weeks to maintain their style. I go about every 8-10 weeks and it shows.
    [Image credit: iStockPhoto]
  • You will subconsciously begin to… 9 of 10
    You will subconsciously begin to...
    group yourself with short haired celebrities like Michelle Williams, Halle Berry and Rihanna. Even if you don't follow celebrity news you will secretly feel you've joined forces with these women as part of the short hair club. It's true, my hair told me so.
    [Image credit:]
  • Beware of mom hair 10 of 10
    Beware of mom hair
    It's a shame that "mom" anything tends to denote frumpiness but it does. When I told my stylist I wanted to go short, she was quick to offer, "Sure thing, relax. I promise I won't give you mom hair." To avoid mom hair, remember that layers are your friend and to always bring pictures of what you are looking for. You and your stylist probably have radically different definitions of "short" so it's best to be clear.

Going short taught me perhaps the most valuable lesson of all:

Having the same hair as a celebrity does not actually make you look like a celebrity. Ouch, that one hurt.

Have any short haired confessions to share?

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