10 Dangerous Things We Let Our Kids Do in the Name of Fun

I’ve already admitted that I am something of a helicopter parent. What can I say? I have a morbid thought process. My brain just naturally identifies all means of possible trauma or bodily injury in everyday situations and I feel I’d be remiss as a parent if I didn’t alert my kids to choking hazards or the potential for accidents that may result in blood loss.

I realize I can’t keep my kids locked in a carpeted room with covered outlets, wearing flame retardant clothing, to play with soft blocks, (Believe me. I tried. My husband really put his foot down on this one.) but that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to wince, cringe, and suppress the urge to crow “Danger!” when my children do something outside of my comfort zone.

Here are 10 dangerous things that I allow my children to do even though it requires me to take blood pressure medication:

  • Use the internet 1 of 10
    Use the internet
    Sure there are sexual predators and the potential exists for them to innocently google a word like "sandbox" and then place you under rapid fire interrogation about the real purpose of their anatomy, but think of the educational games! Dora! She's exploring and your kid needs to get in on that interactively.
  • Play on the see-saw 2 of 10
    Play on the see-saw
    I love this one best because it doubles as a fun-filled playground activity and a way for our children to passive-aggressively exact their fury on the playmate that never shares her Malibu Barbie. Simply wait until your friend is at the top and then nonchalantly slide off your seat. Kids don't need tailbones anyway.
  • Whack a piñata 3 of 10
    Whack a piñata
    Here's an idea of pure brilliance. Let's gather children around a paper mache cartoon character, tell them it's filled with candy, arm them with a baseball bat, and then try to convince them not to rush forward into the line of fire every time their buddy renders a lick that knocks a solitary tootsie roll loose. For added thrills, blindfold the kid doing the swinging.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey 4 of 10
    Pin the tail on the donkey
    We just can't get enough of using blindfolds to place children in peril! Let's make this one interesting by spinning the kid around until their sense of direction and balance is crippled. Then, let's put a sharp tack in their hand and send them forth to sink it into a paper donkey or, you know, the flesh of an innocent bystander.
  • Roast marshmallows 5 of 10
    Roast marshmallows
    Sharp objects are a theme. Just to make it interesting, let's add a fire! Then, let's put a ridiculously sticky food on that pointy stick and encourage our children to hold it in the flames. If you're lucky, they'll only singe their friend's eyebrows off when they pull it out burning like the most delicious torch ever.
  • Trick or treat 6 of 10
    Trick or treat
    Sure we spend 364 days out of the year impressing upon our children that they shouldn't talk to strangers and they certainly shouldn't accept gifts from them, but what the heck! Let's toss all that stranger danger conditioning out the window. Kids, it's Halloween! Let's ring random doorbells, hold out bags, and eat whatever confection the creepy old man down the street drops inside.
  • Play with sparklers 7 of 10
    Play with sparklers
    We can't get enough flaming sticks! During this activity there's always one kid who is terrified once you light the sparkler causing him to chase you with it held at arms length in an attempt to get rid of it. It's totally fine though! When you're sitting in the emergency room later, you'll have to admit that the third degree burns were totally worth the fun photo opportunity.
  • Lick the spoon 8 of 10
    Lick the spoon
    Okay, even I have to admit, cookie dough and cake mix are completely worth the risk of salmonella.
  • Sleep in bunkbeds 9 of 10
    Sleep in bunkbeds
    I realize these have safety rails, but what kid can resist jumping from the top bunk to the floor below? That's right, no kid. Head injuries and broken limbs be damned, at least our kids are sleeping in style.
  • Climb trees 10 of 10
    Climb trees
    Trees are irresistibly fun. They are oh-so-swingable and filled with squirrels and interesting foliage and if they slip so what? Casts are all the rage among grade schoolers.

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