10 DIY Mother’s Day Crafts I Would Actually Like To Receive

Being a mom is totally awesome and this time of year it’s even awesomer because Mother’s Day is approaching. I love days that celebrate me and are all about me and I get showered with gifts and praise and all that fun stuff. As moms, we don’t often get days that are all about us — and since I hate that I am now 30 years old and don’t really like to celebrate getting older, Mother’s Day is what  I have left.

The ritual seems to be that you buy a crappy tie for your dad on Father’s Day and for Mother’s Day, you make something yourself to give her. Cute and personal and a good idea in theory, but let’s be honest: How often do you get use out of the things your kids make you? Depending on your child’s age, their dad’s involvement in the project, and all their craft abilities, you may (or may not) get something good.

All is not awful in receiving some DIY crafts from your kids. I found some online ideas from some smart people with gifts for Mother’s Day I would actually really like to receive. They are more creative than some generic card, and they aren’t just trinkets that will collect dust.

Click through for 10 do-it-yourself crafts I would actually want to receive for Mother’s Day:

  • I Love You Cards 1 of 10
    I Love You Cards
    There are some days as a Mom where I crave feedback that isn't "do I have to have this for dinner?" These cards would be great to look at on those days.
    Love it? Get more info on: The Creative Place
  • Cupcake In A Jar 2 of 10
    Cupcake In A Jar
    Because cupcakes make everything better.
    Love it? Get more info on: Babble
  • Picture Frames 3 of 10
    Picture Frames
    You can add some of your family humor into these, and they would be great to hang in any room.
    Love it? Get more info on: Out of Office
  • Custom Breakfast Tray 4 of 10
    Custom Breakfast Tray
    A custom tray and breakfast in bed ... awesome!
    Love it? Get more info on: BHG
  • Hand Print Art 5 of 10
    Hand Print Art
    I think this would be a cool thing to do every five years or so. You would see the hands grow bigger and maybe the addition of another hand or two.
    Love it? Get more info on: Lolly Jane Boutique
  • Necklace 6 of 10
    I love this necklace and it doesn't seem too hard to make. The kids can each make one, and I could wear them with pride.
    Love it? Get more info on: Lolly Jane Boutique
  • Bath Salts 7 of 10
    Bath Salts
    I love a good relaxing bath, and I know I would get use out of these.
    Love it? Get more info on: BHG
  • Quiet Room Sign 8 of 10
    Quiet Room Sign
    Yes, please! A sign and a promise to listen to the sign ... perfect.
    Love it? Get more info on: Twig and Thistle
  • Keychain of Obsession 9 of 10
    Keychain of Obsession
    I have this love for key chains and custom ones that mean something can be hard to come by. If you're obsessed with Diet Coke (or something else), this could be a cute gift.
    Love it? Get more info on: Crafty Lady Lindsay
  • Teacup Candles 10 of 10
    Teacup Candles
    I am one of those ladies who loves candles. I also think these teacups are pretty adorable, too. This would be a gift I would get use out of, and it would look great.
    Love it? Get more info on: Martha Stewart

:: What are you hoping to get for Mother’s Day this year? ::

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Photo credit: modified from Martha Stewart

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