10 Dumbest Things Said to Me While Out With My Kids

I go everywhere with my kids and it’s actually a rare thing to see me out without them. During the summers when the kids are home and the weather is nice you can often find us around our neighborhood, walking and playing outside. We are also frequent visitors to our grocery store, often going every day.

There is no doubt that when I am out with the kids (especially when they were younger) that we would bring some attention to ourselves. I used to walk around with my double stroller and my youngest carried in a wrap around my chest. Now I have three lively kids bopping around me, walking running, full of energy, and happy.

People love to chat with us and the kids bring smiles to the faces of those we greet at the store early in the morning. It’s cute and fun but sometimes people speak before thinking — or at least I hope that’s what’s going on. People really say some strange things to us while out in public.

Click through to read the 10 dumbest things people have actually said to me while out with my kids:

  • ‘Did You Plan To Be This Busy?’ 1 of 10
    'Did You Plan To Be This Busy?'
    I'm asked this question more times than I should be. I don't know if people wonder if my kids are "unplanned twins" or just unplanned. Maybe I look like a person who has no idea how 'sex' works ...
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘Are They All Yours?’ 2 of 10
    'Are They All Yours?'
    I think it might becoming a rare things to see larger families. People assume and wonder if one or more of the kids with me are being babysat.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘You Must Have Been Really Young’ 3 of 10
    'You Must Have Been Really Young'
    I look young. I am kind of young having three kids and just about to turn 30 years old. I don't know why this is shocking to people.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘You Must Keep Your Husband Pretty Happy’ 4 of 10
    'You Must Keep Your Husband Pretty Happy'
    An older man actually said this to me in front of my kids. Then ... he winked. I was so grossed out that someone was actually thinking about that and said that to me.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘I Don’t Know How You Do It’ 5 of 10
    'I Don't Know How You Do It'
    While this one is not harmful, I do get asked this one all. the. time. It's not like my kids are some burden on me and I think having been young while raising them helps.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘Are They Twins?’ 6 of 10
    'Are They Twins?'
    My older two get asked this all the time. They are only 14 months apart so I can see why people might think they are. I don't understand what the fascination is.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘You’re Going To Buy Them That?!’ 7 of 10
    'You're Going To Buy Them That?!'
    Judgy, Judgy McJudgersons are all over the place. When I was at the grocery store I had a woman come over and say this to me about what was in the cart (oh nooo! cookies!).
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘You Must Have Your Hands Full’ 8 of 10
    'You Must Have Your Hands Full'
    Why does everything people say to me sound so negative. I might be reading into this too much but again this is one people say to me all the time. Like, it's a bad thing?
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘Your Kid Is Crying’ 9 of 10
    'Your Kid Is Crying'
    I don't give into tantrums and since my kids don't act out too terribly often I can deal with the crying. I can acknowledge to my child that I hear them and I will speak with them when they stop screaming but others don't seem to appreciate that and need to point it out to me.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • ‘Do They All Have the Same Dad?’ 10 of 10
    'Do They All Have the Same Dad?'
    Right?! Someone actually said this to me. In public. They asked me this at the grocery store. What do you say to that and why does it matter?
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos

:: What is the dumbest thing someone’s said to you while out with your kids? ::

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