10 Easy Mood Boosters for Kids

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

You know some days it can all just go wrong?  We wake up late, stub our toe, realize we’re out of coffee, have a bad hair day, get in our car on empty, sit in gridlock, and return home only to find a jury summons in the mailbox? Yeah, those days are enough to ruin anybody’s mood.

Well our kids have days like that too sometimes, only theirs usually involve being over-tired and/or irritated we erased 16 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants off the DVR.

Since your little grumpasaurus is in need of some cheering up, there are some quick and easy ways to help turn that frown upside down!

  • Giggle it, just a little bit 1 of 10
    Giggle it, just a little bit
    Mad Libs are a quick and classic way to let the sillies fly.
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  • Tickle fight! 2 of 10
    Tickle fight!
    No matter how cranky the child, their grump is no match for a good old-fashioned tickle fight!

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  • Sing, sing, sing 3 of 10
    Sing, sing, sing
    Grab a hair brush and serenade your kid to their favorite song. They'll be joining you for an encore in no time.

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  • Feed the crazy beast 4 of 10
    Feed the crazy beast
    Hunger can do mean things to a child's temperament.
    Try these food mood boosters if your child is:
    Stressed: A bit of dark chocolate
    Cranky: An apple with peanut butter
    Sad: Whole-grain cereal

    For these and other food mood boosters, check out
    Woman's Day's 7 Foods That Boost Every Type of Bad Mood.

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  • Change of scenery 5 of 10
    Change of scenery
    Sometimes a simple change of scenery can do wonders for a child's mood. Try getting outside, visiting a friend, or taking a drive to banish the blues.

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  • Dance it out 6 of 10
    Dance it out
    It's almost impossible to feel grouchy when you're shaking your groove thing. Pump up your child's favorite jams and bust a move; you'll both be laughing in no time.

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  • A bad mood bag 7 of 10
    A bad mood bag
    It never hurts to plan ahead. Have a "bad mood bag" prepared with a few cheapy treats and toys to zap that bad mood to smithereens.

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  • Chat with loved ones 8 of 10
    Chat with loved ones
    Video conference your family members; their smiles and kind words are sure to lift your child's spirits.

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  • Get cookin’ 9 of 10
    Get cookin'
    Sometimes a creative distraction is in order. Bake a treat or simply spend some quality time together creating a culinary masterpiece.

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  • Give a little 10 of 10
    Give a little
    It plain feels good to give. Simple ideas for giving include: delivering a few garden flowers to a neighbor, writing a letter to a friend, drawing a picture for a family member, or baking a treat for a teacher.

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Do you have any bad mood boosters to share? We love new ideas!

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