10 Engaging Books about Your Child’s Development and Education

Looking to expand your library and knowledge on child development and education? This list of 10 books covers everything from what our education system is like compared to other countries, to books every child should read, to how a brain develops.

Most of these books are designed for parents who have preschoolers to teens. Each contains a wealth of information on how to deal with kids’ emotional and educational stages.

There are times I feel like I’m just flailing around for answers or a reason why my child is acting a certain way, or I’m simply curious as to how other children in the world succeed in different circumstances. Books like the ones listed offer a wealth of knowledge on what is going on in our country, with our children, and where we can relax in knowing they are on track.

These 10 books on child development and education will guide you with information on our school systems, how children learn, and why your child acts they way they do.

  • 10 Engaging Books about Your Child’s Development and Education 1 of 11

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  • Honey for a Child’s Heart 2 of 11

    Perfect for all parents, for encouraging the love of reading in their children at age- and developmentally-appropriate stages. 

    Honey for a Child's Heart discusses everything, from the ways reading affects both children's view of the world and their imagination, to how to choose good books. Illustrated with drawings from dozens of favorites, it includes an indexed and updated list of the best new books on the market and the classics that you want your children to enjoy." 

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $11.42 

  • The Smartest Kids in the World 3 of 11

    I love this book, and how it talks about perspectives of education from the foremost leaders on the planet.  

    "What is it like to be a child in the world's new education superpowers? In a global quest to find answers for our own children, author and Time magazine journalist Amanda Ripley follows three Americans embed­ded in these countries for one year."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $19.91 

  • Your ____ Year Old 4 of 11

    These books on your child's development go from 1-14 years and explain in detail why your child acts the way they do and ways to encourage or phase the behavior out.

    "Drs. Ames and Ilg, recognized authorities on child behavior and development, discuss these and scores of other questions unique to four-year-old girls and boys, and they offer parents practical advice and enlightening psychological insights."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $11.43 

  • The Whole-Brain Child 5 of 11

    This book changed the way I thought of interacting with not only Bella, but how I see myself as a parent. 

    "Complete with age-appropriate strategies for dealing with day-to-day struggles, and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, The Whole-Brain Child shows you how to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $11.83

  • How Children Learn 6 of 11

    I love how John talks about the importance of letting children learn the way they were intended - naturally and simply without being pressured early on. 

    "This enduring classic of educational thought offers teachers and parents deep, original insight into the nature of early learning. John Holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, 'learning is as natural as breathing.' In this delightful yet profound book, he looks at how we learn to talk, to read, to count, and to reason, and how we can nurture and encourage these natural abilities in our children."


    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $10.76 

  • How Children Succeed 7 of 11

    Reading the stories of how children in different and very difficult circumstances ended up succeeding (regardless of the amount of money spent on the school) was eye opening. 

    "How Children Succeed introduces us to a new generation of researchers and educators, who, for the first time, are using the tools of science to peel back the mysteries of character. Through their stories — and the stories of the children they are trying to help — Tough reveals how this new knowledge can transform young people's lives."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $8.72

  • Parenting From the Heart 8 of 11

    Although this book is heavily attachment parenting based, it offers very practical, loving advice on how to take a calmer approach to raising children and even starting homeschooling as a natural flow from parenting. 

    "The Natural Child makes a compelling case for a return to attachment parenting, a child-rearing approach that has come naturally for parents throughout most of human history. In this insightful guide, parenting specialist Jan Hunt links together attachment parenting principles with child advocacy and homeschooling philosophies, offering a consistent approach to raising a loving, trusting, and confident child."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $12.18 

  • Playful Learning 9 of 11

    I waited two years to buy this book until Bella was just about old enough. It was worth it. It provides all kinds of educational ideas to do with your child - home schooled or for activities at home - that are simple, engaging, and fun for parents too. 

    "Playful learning is the magic that takes place when we meld a child's sense of joy and wonder with thoughtfully planned learning experiences. Through easy-to-implement, hands-on projects you can engage your child in fun and creative ways that encourage learning and impart the joy of discovery."

    Purchase on Amazon for $16.18

  • The Educated Child 10 of 11

    A perfect guide for parents seeking to take an active part in their child's education and helping them succeed as individuals. 

    "The Educated Child defines a good education and offers parents a plan of action for ensuring that their children achieve it. (It) also examines timely issues such as school choice, sex education, character education, and the phonics/whole language debate. Perhaps most important, it encourages parents to become advocates for their children by learning what to look for in a good school, how to talk to educators, and how, when necessary, to push for needed changes."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $16.67

  • What Your _______ Needs to Know 11 of 11

    Great manuals from preschool to 11th grade on what your child should know from the start and by the end of each school year. 

    "With its comprehensive curriculum providing a sound basis in the fundamentals of math, art, history, language arts, science, and technology, the phenomenally successful Core Knowledge series has become an esteemed tool for parents and teachers striving to better educate today's children."

    Purchase on Amazon (also on Kindle) for $6.99


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