10 Experiences I Hope to Avoid as a Parent

10 Experiences I Hope to Avoid as a ParentThere are a lot of experiences I hope to have as a parent when it comes to the life that I have with my kids and our experience of growing together as a family.

I want to go on fun day trips to see things that they’ve never seen before, I want to watch my kids make friends and have their first crush. I want to watch them find their place in the world and feel the love and support of their family as they venture out on their own.

However, parenting is not always fun and roses and there are some experiences I really hope to avoid. Some are out of my control, which never feels good as a personally-defined “control freak.” Other situations, I am going to do my best to ensure that we don’t come across them.

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  • Explaining Divorce 1 of 10
    Explaining Divorce
    I am hoping so much that I won't ever need to explain divorce to my kids or have it impact them personally. I take my marriage seriously and hope we can keep it strong for a lifetime.
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  • Watching My Kid Fight For Their Life 2 of 10
    Watching My Kid Fight For Their Life
    This is every parent's worst nightmare and I am so hoping that it's an experience that will never happen to my children.
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  • Watching My Teenager Become a Parent 3 of 10
    Watching My Teenager Become a Parent
    I hope my kids can make responsible choices and won't ever need to begin raising a child before they're an adult.
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  • Hockey… 4 of 10
    You may not get this and it's certainly not Canadian of me, but I don't like hockey. I am hoping to avoid becoming a hockey mom. I am so much more in favor for baseball!
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  • Convincing My Kid To Move Out When They’re 30 5 of 10
    Convincing My Kid To Move Out When They're 30
    I will love and support my kids forever and will always do what's best for them. I hope I don't need to gently convince them to leave the nest when they're 30-years-old!
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  • Single Parenting 6 of 10
    Single Parenting
    I don't want to be a single parent. I don't want to get divorced and I don't want to be a widow. I could handle it, but it's not what I would want for our family.
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  • Totally Embarrassing Them 7 of 10
    Totally Embarrassing Them
    It will happen, I know that it probably will. I am hoping it won't be too bad for either of us.
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  • Getting a Call If They’ve Been Arrested 8 of 10
    Getting a Call If They've Been Arrested
    Ah, can you tell I am nervous about having teenagers?! I hope they don't ever get into any kind of real trouble!
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  • Trying to Convince Them It’s Not a Good Idea 9 of 10
    Trying to Convince Them It's Not a Good Idea
    Kids and teenagers get some interesting ideas in their head. I hope I don't have to spend any time convincing my child why a tattoo on their face is a bad idea.
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  • My Kids Hating Me 10 of 10
    My Kids Hating Me
    I don't want to experience my kids disowning me or not respecting me when they are older. I know there may be times were we certainly can't see eye-to-eye, but a genuine dislike for me is not something I ever want to know.
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