10 Fun Facts About Myself, My Parenting & My Marriage

Last month I shared 25 facts and things of interest about my two older kids — hoping for you to get to know them a little bit more. They are pretty adorable and quirky and I am happy I was able to share more randomness about them with you.

This month, I wanted to share more about me — random things that kind of make me who I am. Share some of the stronger parenting beliefs I have and a bit more about the marriage that is the foundation of what keeps our family happy.

Click through to learn 10 random fun facts about myself, my parenting and my marriage:

  • I Have Baby Fever 1 of 10
    I Have Baby Fever
    It's never been a secret that I want a large family. Over the past year, I have been trying to convince my husband to expand our family. He's on board and we're currently trying to make baby #4.
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  • Big Believer in Co-Sleeping 2 of 10
    Big Believer in Co-Sleeping
    Like, big time. I understand that some don't want to bed-share, but I really do believe families should room share for at least the first 6 months. We still bedshare with our 3 year old (& yes, my husband and I still have an active intimate life).
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  • I Don’t Know Much French 3 of 10
    I Don't Know Much French
    This fact wouldn't normally be anything too exciting, but my kids are in French Immersion school -- taught totally in French. I am basically learning along with them.
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  • We Eat Gluten & Casein Free 4 of 10
    We Eat Gluten & Casein Free
    I have celiac disease and a casein intolerance. My husband is lactose intolerant and Raru can't have gluten & Bean can't have casein. All our meals are gluten and dairy free (and the kids school lunches are nut free too).
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  • I’ve Been Married For Almost 8 Years 5 of 10
    I've Been Married For Almost 8 Years
    My husband and I are highschool sweethearts. We have been together for going on 13 years now and married for 8 this summer.
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  • My Husband & I Have Little In Common 6 of 10
    My Husband & I Have Little In Common
    The saying 'opposites attract" plays true for us. We don't have a lot in common -- little similar interests, hobbies or likes.
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  • I Hate Going To The Playground 7 of 10
    I Hate Going To The Playground
    One of those things you have to do as a parent and my kids love going. For me, it's nothing but an injury waiting to happen. I hate taking the kids.
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  • We Have a ‘Freebie Five List’ 8 of 10
    We Have a 'Freebie Five List'
    My husband and I each have our own 'freebie five list' where we get a 'free pass' to cheat on each other with who ever is on the pre-approved list. I don't anticipate that either of us would ever follow through with it though.
    Who's on our list? Find out
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  • I Have a Large Space Bubble 9 of 10
    I Have a Large Space Bubble
    I don't like being touched, hugged, cuddled or anything of the like. I have a big space bubble and expect my family to respect that space.
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  • I Hate The Sun 10 of 10
    I Hate The Sun
    I have really fair skin and don't like being overheated. I burn easily and am obsessively worried about getting wrinkles. I put sunscreen on like nobody's business.
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