10 Fights Worth Having with Your Kids

I learned a long time ago that you have to pick your battles with your kids, but with so many battles worth fighting, how do you choose?

It all starts with taking inventory of the values that matter most in your family. We like to keep things simple ’round these parts, honoring truth, character, worth, and kindness.

But how do we translate family values into battles worth fighting? I look to the behaviors and situations that threaten our values and prepare to do my part as an almighty parent to protect them.

I’m not going to tell you it’s a perfect system, but as a mother who once battled every single undesirable behavior with absolutely zero success, I can tell you that focusing on the qualities that matter most helps separate the wheat from the chaff. I choose to believe that fighting for the things that matter most will produce enough goodness to fill in any gaps.

Take a look at 10 fights I believe are worth having with my kids – after the jump!

  • Respect 1 of 10
    I'm willing to go to bat on everything from respecting adults to respecting our classmates, all living things, other people's homes, and our environment.
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  • Giving up 2 of 10
    Giving up
    Sure, there are times in life when giving up is the right answer, but if my kids have made a commitment to do something, they're going to do it — regardless of how they now feel about it. I call character-building.
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  • Bad manners 3 of 10
    Bad manners
    Please, thank you, and pardon me are just the beginning. Watch those farts, burps, interruptions, and nose-picking scavenger hunts too!
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  • Health and nutrition 4 of 10
    Health and nutrition
    As part of personal worth, my kids will get immunized, eat healthy food they can't stand, go to bed when they don't want to, and begrudgingly visit the dentist. Wanna fight about it, little ones? Bring it on.
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  • Attitude 5 of 10
    Despite the fact that I'm knee-deep in all things tween attitude, I'm not going down without a fight. Bad attitude, while developmentally normal, masks the kind-hearted kid that calls me Mom. Test those attitude chops, boy, mine are bigger.
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  • Parental controls 6 of 10
    Parental controls
    No, you can't have a Facebook account or a cell phone. I also won't let you watch that TV show or play that video game either. You've only got one shot at childhood; enjoy it.
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  • Inappropriate clothing 7 of 10
    Inappropriate clothing
    I'm all for allowing kids to express themselves through personal style so long as it doesn't degrade their bodies. Self-worth FTW!
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  • Safety 8 of 10
    Safety is a non-negotiable. I don't care how my kids feel about seatbelts, helmets, and elbow pads — they're wearing them.
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  • Homework 9 of 10
    Yes, you will do your homework. No, you don't have to like it.
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  • Screen time 10 of 10
    Screen time
    As with all things, there are limits. Yes, even for me.
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Which fights do you believe are worth having with your kids?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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