10 Fun and Bizarre Sleeping Bags for Your Kid's Next Camping Trip

Fall is upon us and here in the south it brings with it the perfect weather for camping. All those cool evenings are perfect for gathering around a fire to roast marshmallows before retiring to a sleeping bag to zip yourself into a toasty cocoon.

I’ve been doing a little searching around the web for the perfect sleeping bags to begin the season. Anders and Danica’s bags from last year are worn to frays, they often play with them indoors as well as use them at sleepovers, and it’s time to replace them with new ones without holes and broken zippers.

Much to my surprise, sleeping bags don’t only come in solid colors or standard patterns of dots and stripes. There are some creative and extremely bizarre bags out there for kids.

Here are 10 of my favorite finds:

  • Don’t poke a sleeping bear 1 of 10
    Don't poke a sleeping bear
    Want to experience being eaten by a bear? Here's the closest you can come without actually being digested.
    From Eiko Ishizawa
  • Sleeping by the slice 2 of 10
    Sleeping by the slice
    This pizza sleeping bag is cheesy in more ways than one.
    Find it on Etsy
  • Roar! 3 of 10
    For when your kid wants to be a mean, green sleeping machine.
    Find it on Amazon
  • Easy on the feet 4 of 10
    Easy on the feet
    What parent can resist a lego-shaped product that won't do permanent bodily damage to your feet?
    Find it on Etsy
  • Shark attack 5 of 10
    Shark attack
    Snuggle up in the jaws of an underwater beast.
    Find it on Amazon
  • For the Star Wars fan 6 of 10
    For the Star Wars fan
    This Tauntaun sleeping bag is perfect for an aspiring Jedi Knight.
    Find it on Think Geek
  • Anatomically correct 7 of 10
    Anatomically correct
    This is as educational as it is disturbing.
    Find it on Ascii
  • Crikey! 8 of 10
    I love the bright colors of this crocodile sleeping bag.
    Find it on Kakadu
  • It’s convertible 9 of 10
    It's convertible
    This sleeping bag converts into a pillow.
    Find it on E-Crater
  • Monkey business 10 of 10
    Monkey business
    Sometimes slumber should involve a little monkeying around.
    Find it on Amazon


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