Readers Respond: More Things That Moms Should Teach Their Boys

If you saw my last post, 10 Things That Moms Should Teach Their Boys, then you know that I asked around to see what things women thought were important to teach their sons. What you probably don’t know is when I asked that question, I got a lot of very funny answers rather than just the serious ones. Some made me laugh out loud. A couple made me think I need to be having more fun with my kid (as if that is possible) but they are all fun, funny and mostly true. My fun thing that I am teaching my son (more fun for me than him) is to have him ask for directions. I routinely have my son ask others for directions just so he can into the practice for adulthood. His father, of course, is no help! Katja from Skimbaco Lifestyle probably said it best, however, when it comes to what we teach our sons: “Most boys want to be like their dads… so whatever annoys you in your husband – teach your son not to be like that!!”

Here are what other mothers said are fun things that they have taught their sons:

How to make fart noises with your armpit. ~Jen

Don’t talk about knives and snakes. ~Alicia

Changing your underwear is not optional. ~Kelly

Don’t put your boogies on the wall! I’d rather you eat them. eeewwwww ~Theresa

The words to the Diarrhea Song. ~Jen

Don’t write on yourself, siblings, or others with a permanent marker! ~Rachel

Pay attention when they are going to the bathroom…I’m constantly telling my boys “watch what you’re doing…aim that thing!” ~Tina

How to carry a cat. ~Jen

30 minute showers make your mother suspicious. ~Desiree


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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