10 Harmless Ways to Embarrass Your Kids in Public

10 Harmless Ways to Embarrass Your Kids in PublicI love my kids and I love that they are so cuddly and affectionate and don’t have any trouble telling me so in public.

The thing is, I know that will change when they get older, when it’s no longer “cool” to love your mom and tell her so (in public). I don’t really look forward to that day, but I can see how it’s a part of growing up and gaining¬†independence¬†for kids.

That’s not to say that I may not make it slightly more difficult for them when they do get to that stage. I am going to have fun with it and while it may be more fun for me and less for them, I bet they will look back on it when they’re older and smile.

I don’t plan to cause them any crazy harm or embarrass them so much they can’t ever show their face in public, but I may make things a little uncomfortable for them … harmlessly of course.

Check out some harmless ways you can embarrass your kids in public:

  • Center of Attention 1 of 10
    Center of Attention
    Next time you're at your kids school for a play or something, when your child is up in front of everyone, stand up and demand they stay still so you can take a picture.
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  • Think of Them 2 of 10
    Think of Them
    Let them know you're always thinking of them and leave a cutesy note for them in their lunch box. For extra effect, make a whole craft project out of it.
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  • Make it Public 3 of 10
    Make it Public
    When you drop your kid off for the school bus, give them a big hug and kiss.
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  • Nickname Them 4 of 10
    Nickname Them
    You know that nickname that you call them in private (something like "Snuggle"), well break that out in public (like write it on their Facebook wall).
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  • Take Them Where They Don’t Want to Go 5 of 10
    Take Them Where They Don't Want to Go
    The bra department will get the job done. Make sure you take a long time too.
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  • Make a Scene 6 of 10
    Make a Scene
    Falling over on purpose or accidentally is a quick (and maybe harmful to you) way to get your child to cover their eyes and walk away.
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  • Do It Upside Down 7 of 10
    Do It Upside Down
    I have a skill where I can read perfectly normal when the book is upside down. A harmless way to embarrass would be to read a book while waiting for your child -- upside down.
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  • Say the Magic Words 8 of 10
    Say the Magic Words
    Tell your kid you love them when they're around their friends. Watch them squirm.
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  • Put on a Performance 9 of 10
    Put on a Performance
    When you're in the grocery store and your jam comes on, break out in a dance in the aisle. For everyone to see and don't stop until the song is over.. or you think your child will never be the same.
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  • Or Better Yet… 10 of 10
    Or Better Yet...
    If you want to one-up the dance thing, break out in song or better yet, rap it.
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