10 Hilarious & Awkward Kid Photobombs & Family Photos Gone Wrong

The summer is coming crazy close and with that will have all of us camera-loving parents taking ridiculous amounts of photos of our adventures. Especially now that so many are equip with photo-able smart phones, it’s becoming more and more rare to miss a must-have photo opportunity.

Sometimes though even the best family photographers can snap a picture they may not have meant to. Sometimes the subjects of our photos do something strange in the last minute. Sometimes there’s a clown around us who decides to be “that guy” who photobombs what would have been a decent photo.

They may not be funny to the subjects in the pictures or the person who only wanted to capture a memory — but they are hilariously funny for the rest of us.

Click through to give yourself a big laugh with these 10 family photos gone wrong:

  • Interesting School 1 of 10
    Interesting School
    A poorly cropped photo for sure.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Get the Message 2 of 10
    Get the Message
    A child is trying to send his dad a message -- good family photo.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • More Please? 3 of 10
    More Please?
    Couldn't have planned it better... or worse.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Rock Out 4 of 10
    Rock Out
    I don't know if that lady is in her family -- if not, so funny!
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • Moth-Ball 5 of 10
    So creepy, and so funny.
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • FREAKING OUT 6 of 10
    Okay, so I am laughing too hard at this one. Great photobomb.
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • Heeahh 7 of 10
    Someone is really excited to get into the photo.
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • Happy Birthday 8 of 10
    Happy Birthday
    What could have been a cute birthday photo has turned into hilarious in the back.
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • Ewok Forest 9 of 10
    Ewok Forest
    This one really is a win. A dad photoshoppted ewoks into their family camping photos.
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network
  • Rollercoaster 10 of 10
    Okay, look at that one guy freaking out -- see how everyone else is totally calm?
    Photo credit: hosted on ICHC Network

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Photo credit: This is hosted on the ICHC network.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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