9 Hilarious Twitter Accounts Every Parent Should Follow

twitter for parents
Twitter is a great way for parents to connect.  I will whip my phone out and scroll through comments and tweets while waiting for swimming lessons to wrap, in line at the bank, or waiting for my latte. 

A day alone with the kids doesn’t feel lonely when I know I can pop in and quickly connect with others.

My twitter follower list is made up of friends, interesting people, news sources, celebrities, and quirky accounts that surprise me every time they pop up in my stream.

If you love Twitter, you’ll smirk at these 9 hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate) Twitter accounts that every parent should follow:

  • @kellyoxford 1 of 9
    WHO: Writer. Designed to make you feel like everything is going well. I am your Perestroika.
    WHY: Her random ramblings about parenthood have garnered her a celebrity following, and landed her a writing gig for a tv pilot for the fall season.

  • @goddamndora 2 of 9
    WHO: A very very blue parody/satire account. NSFW.
    WHY: Not necessarily stuff Dora says, but things you think while hunkered in yet another weekend Dora-thon.
  • @ibecamemydad 3 of 9
    WHO: I've become my parents and you will too if you haven't already.
    WHY: In addition to funny parent stories, there are funny definitions that only parents will understand.
  • @stfuparents 4 of 9
    WHO: Writer, Skewerer, Digital Therapist
    WHY: This is exactly what your non-parent friends think when you talk about your kids. More of a blog than Twitter account.
  • @darthvader 5 of 9
    WHO: Evil Orphan Annie
    WHY: The best bad dad in the universe is true to character and always brings a geeky grin.
  • @irisgrim 6 of 9
    WHO: Interested in meeting new people, trying new things
    WHY: Iris is a toddler and this silly account of the world from her point of view is likely written by her dad, a Huffington Post Bureau Chief
  • @oldmansearch 7 of 9
    WHO: My dad is 82 years old. I'm teaching him how to use the internet. I told him twitter was how to search things on Google. These tweets are what he's searching
    WHY: It's the new Sh** My Dad Says. It is absolutely and bizarrely random.
  • @shitmykidsruined 8 of 9
    WHO: SMKR Mission: Comic relief, commiseration, and birth control.
    WHY: The tumblog is hilarious, this is just bite sized versions to let you know you're not alone.
  • @shitmydadsays 9 of 9
    WHO: I'm 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down what he says
    WHY: The original that spawned a sitcom. Still funny even if he doesn't post as often.

Which Twitter accounts do you follow to get you through the day?

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