10 Important Lessons Kids Need to Thrive In the World

There are so many life lessons I want to pass on to my kids before they leave the nest. I have a long time to think about this — 11 years at least (longer, I hope). I want to make sure that they have the best start to life, using all the tools that they need to be productive and that they’re able to leave a positive mark on the world.

So, it really is step-by-step. If I looked at that big picture too long, it would be overwhelming — lessons about safety, some for life happiness, and others just because it would make them feel good. I think they’re all important and in the future, when I look at my adult children succeeding, I will know it’s in part the lessons, we as a family, have ¬†helped them cultivate.

  • Lessons Every Kid Should Learn 1 of 11
    Lessons Every Kid Should Learn
    Some will take them far in life and others will just give them a head start.
  • Learn Finances, Budget and Good Credit 2 of 11
    Learn Finances, Budget and Good Credit
    Grown ups who know how to finance, stick to a budget and keep a good credit score will fair better in life. Teaching my kids how to do all this is a high priority.
  • How to Change a Tire 3 of 11
    How to Change a Tire
    I don't know how to change a tire, but if I was ever in a situation where I needed to, I would like to know. It's a simple thing that all adults should know how to do. Not when they're young, but when they're driving, it's a good thing.
  • How to Embrace Change 4 of 11
    How to Embrace Change
    No one really loves too much change, but if you can learn to go with the flow and embrace change, life will be so much easier.
  • How to Fold a Sheet 5 of 11
    How to Fold a Sheet
    I don't know how to fold a fitted bed sheet. My closet is proof of that. If my kids grow up learning how to do it perfectly, life will be theirs.
  • Proper Names for Screwdrivers 6 of 11
    Proper Names for Screwdrivers
    It's not like super necessary, but it sure will help you sound smart!
  • Compassion for People 7 of 11
    Compassion for People
    Yes, we have to teach our kids compassion. They learn through our actions and guiding them. Having them model taking care of people and being respectful will get them far.
  • How to Drive a Stick Shift 8 of 11
    How to Drive a Stick Shift
    Another thing I don't know how to do, but imagine it would be quite helpful. If my kids know how, they will be unstoppable.
  • Problem Solve Like a Pro 9 of 11
    Problem Solve Like a Pro
    If you know how to problem solve, you can do anything. It's a skill that must be practiced and for me, I am teaching my kids this by not jumping in to help them right away. I give them space to find a solution themselves.
  • How to Swim 10 of 11
    How to Swim
    It's just important for safety and not something I will compromise on when it comes to lessons for my kids.
  • How to Cook and Read Recipes 11 of 11
    How to Cook and Read Recipes
    You can't really be an adult if you don't know how to cook! It helps keep you healthier, on budget and isn't that hard to do. I hope to soon start my kids on a weekly cook dinner chore chart.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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