10 iPad/iPhone Apps You AND Your Kids Can Share

kid and iphoneScreaming in the checkout line, frustration in the car, long lines at the doctor’s office, while you’re trying to visit with a friend at a coffee shop.

All scenarios where whipping out an iPhone and handing it to your kid helps to dull the pain.

In addition to having their favorite videos loaded for easy access, you should aslo have a few games ready for them to play. But storage can be tight on an iPhone, so why not choose games that you AND your kids will all enjoy. Games you can play together, can compete on, and best of all, games you understand so you can help them when they get stuck.

Here’s a list of 10 apps me and my iKids share:

  • Civiballs – 99c 1 of 10
    Civiballs - 99c
    This is a great thinking physics kind of game. You have to do specific tasks in the right order to get all the balls in the proper urns. My 5 year old loves it, and picked it up without any instruction.

    Image Credit: Civiballs on iTunes
  • Unblock My Car – free 2 of 10
    Unblock My Car - free
    I have the board game version, called Traffic Jam. It's a simple notion, the parking lot is full, you have to move the cars to get the one you need out. Another thinker.

    Image Credit: Unblock My Car on iTunes
  • Doodle Jump – 99c 3 of 10
    Doodle Jump - 99c
    Tilt and shift your device to have the Doodle jump higher and higher by landing on the pads and springing up. A very creative game that claims to be one of the internet's most addictive - true.

    Image Credit: Doodle Jump on iTunes
  • Jetpack Joyride – free 4 of 10
    Jetpack Joyride - free
    Quite possibly the best free app in the entire iTunes Store. I was instantly addicted to this game that has you thrusting a rogue scientist and his jetpack across the screen. The kids love to watch this one be played as much as they like playing it.

    Image Credit: Jetpack Joyride on iTunes
  • Flick Soccer – free 5 of 10
    Flick Soccer - free
    So simple, even my 2 year old likes to play as much as I do. Simply flick the ball at the targets and see how many you can score.

    Image Credit: Flick Soccer on iTunes
  • Flight Control – 99c 6 of 10
    Flight Control - 99c
    Try landing planes, and helicopters in a variety of environments. At first it's easy, you get one or two planes.. then they start coming fast and furious. Don't let them crash! When I play with the boys, we tag team - I take the planes, they take the helicopters.

    Image Credit: Flight Control on iTunes
  • Fruit Ninja – 99c 7 of 10
    Fruit Ninja - 99c
    Fruit flies, you have to slice it. No explanation needed, it will occupy the youngest screamer while the lady in front of you searches for her ID as she writes a check for her groceries.

    Image Credit: Fruit Ninja on iTunes
  • Cut The Rope – 99c 8 of 10
    Cut The Rope - 99c
    My 5 year old is obsessed with this one. Cut the swinging ropes to release the candy to feed the monster. Physics games are great because they're challenging, and fun.

    Image Credit: Cut The Rope on iTunes
  • Angry Birds Space 9 of 10
    Angry Birds Space
    No explanation needed for this classic. The latest edition offers new characters, spooky space gravity, and hours more distraction time for you .. and them.

    Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank"Angry Birds Space on iTunes
  • Red Cross First Aid – free 10 of 10
    Red Cross First Aid - free
    I hope you never have to use this app, but it's absolutely mandatory to have on your phone for you AND your family. It's loaded with how-tos, videos, and information for basic first aid in case of emergency.

    Image Credit: Red Cross on iTunes

Note, the update to iOS6 coming in the fall promises a lock for the home button. You’ll be able to hand it to your younger kids and not worried they’ll immediately pop out of the app by pressing the only button on the screen.

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