10 Lies I Tell Myself to Cope With Parenting Kids

Before I embarked on this whole parenting adventure I knew that it wasn’t going to be totally easy. I have always heard it is the most difficult yet most rewarding job in the world. Raising kids into becoming adjusted, happy and healthy adults.

It is hard and with motherhoood there can be little feedback – well, positive feedback.  Although I do my best to teach my kids not to lie, sometimes I have to lie to myself to keep me going.

Click through for 10 lies I tell myself to help cope and please, tell me I’m not alone (even if you have to lie):

  • They Won’t Remember … 1 of 10
    They Won't Remember ...
    "... that time I yelled."
    "... that I said NO again".
    Truth is I have no idea if they will remember. Most of the time I hope they forget.
  • They Will Eventually Eat Healthy 2 of 10
    They Will Eventually Eat Healthy
    Getting my kids to eat something other then peanut butter-infused anything can be a daily struggle. I tell myself they will eventually eat and they don't really need that apple...
  • My Kids Are Totally Easy To Get Along WIth 3 of 10
    My Kids Are Totally Easy To Get Along WIth
    My kids are perfect... you know, really! Truth is they are but they aren't at the same time.
  • One Day They Will Sleep 4 of 10
    One Day They Will Sleep
    I told myself this when my kids were newborns and I still tell myself this now. Holding onto the hope keeps me functioning when I am up for the 4th night in a row consoling a nightmare.
  • It’s Only a Phase 5 of 10
    It's Only a Phase
    The coloring all over the walls. The refusing to listen. The "I think it's fun to talk like a baby". If I tell myself it's just a phase - I give myself hope.
  • I Can Finish Tomorrow 6 of 10
    I Can Finish Tomorrow
    I am convinced the mess from kids is never ending and somehow multiplies. Telling myself that I can finish it tomorrow helps me cope with the disaster zones.
  • They Will Eventually Forgive Me 7 of 10
    They Will Eventually Forgive Me
    Forgetting to send them to school in a red shirt for red day. Not letting them stay up later to watch tv. Surely they can't be mad forever...right?
  • Things Will Get Easier When … 8 of 10
    Things Will Get Easier When ...
    "... they go to school".
    "... they are older".

    At least I hope so... it does, right?
  • They’re Going to Be Well-Adjusted 9 of 10
    They're Going to Be Well-Adjusted
    All the time my kids spend reading books, getting dirty, watching tv. I tell myself that they will become well adjusted adults. Truth is I have no idea ... I just hope.
  • I Totally Know What I’m Doing 10 of 10
    I Totally Know What I'm Doing
    ...I think

What lies do you tell yourself to cope?  


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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