10 Mistakes Even Smart Parents Make

I’m not here to guilt you into feeling bad about the parenting choices you’ve made – oh hell no. You’re an awesome parent; just look at you! You’re so dang good at parenting, even the neighbor’s dog knows it.

While I presume parenting comes naturally to some, the rest of us have to figure things out the hard way. And just when we’re about to pat ourselves on the back for being supremely awesome in the way of parenting, we have another kid and realize we’re back to square one.

So let’s get real; you’ve made mistakes. We all have…some of us more than others (points to self). I rounded up the top 10 parenting mistakes even smart parents make; take a look-see after the jump!

  • Parenting our fears 1 of 10
    Parenting our fears
    The desire to shelter our kids from our personal pain is natural, and often unhealthy. Recognize the power your fears have over your parenting decisions. Remember, raising cautious children is different than raising fearful children.
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  • Not allowing ourselves to be human 2 of 10
    Not allowing ourselves to be human
    Try as we might, we aren't perfect parents all the time. Admitting our faults and owning up to our limitations in spite of our intentions shows our kids that Mom and Dad are people too. Relax; this parenting truth won't make you any less a hero in your kids' eyes.
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  • Giving too much 3 of 10
    Giving too much
    We all want to give our kids the best of everything but at what cost? Kids need to learn what it means to want, wait, and earn.
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  • Not living in the moment 4 of 10
    Not living in the moment
    Guilty as charged! We give our precious time and attention to our smart phones instead of our kids sometimes. Make a conscious effort to identify the things that pull your energy away from your family. The time to enjoy your kids is now!
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  • Doubting our instincts 5 of 10
    Doubting our instincts
    No one knows your kids as well as you do. If you feel your parent's intuition begin to twitch, stop and take notice.
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  • Worrying too much 6 of 10
    Worrying too much
    We'll always think we could have given more, tried harder, or done better, but despite our faults and inadequacies, our resilient kids will grow to know how much we care. Relax and enjoy this precious time with your family.
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  • A hands-off approach to education 7 of 10
    A hands-off approach to education
    We all know how busy life can get but stop to check in with your child's teacher periodically. Even just a quick note to check on your child's progress lets his teacher know you're interested and involved.
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  • Taking personal frustrations out on our kids 8 of 10
    Taking personal frustrations out on our kids
    Work sucks, money is tight, and the roof has a leak - what's a stressed out parent to do? The energy in your home shifts when tensions run high so make a conscious effort to tread lightly and bring in reinforcements when you feel close to reaching a personal breaking point.
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  • Make promises we can’t keep 9 of 10
    Make promises we can't keep
    From big things like trips to Disney World to small things like playing Monopoly, don't make promises you can't deliver. Broken promises are damaging to your child's self-esteem and the trust in your relationship.
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  • Setting a poor example 10 of 10
    Setting a poor example
    If we expect our kids to eat healthy, we need to eat healthy. If we don't want our kids to lie, we shouldn't lie. While easy in theory and difficult in the practical sense, our children learn more by our actions than our words.
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What are some of the other mistakes smart parents make?

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