10 Mother/Son Date Ideas

10 Mother/Son Date IdeasHaving three kids, I feel it’s very important to make sure I set aside some alone time with each one; time where the two of us can hang out, where they each get my full, undivided attention, and we get to do something that they choose. It doesn’t happen as often as I would like, the product of leading busy lives, but I try to make time for it at least once a week.

We are often told that we need to set aside a date night with our partners, but I believe it’s equally important to do the same for our kids. You know, like a date with your child — and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is no better time to schedule that important alone time together.

Click through and see 10 date ideas that would be perfect for that alone time with your son:

  • Go Play Bumper Cars or Go-Karts 1 of 10
    Go Play Bumper Cars or Go-Karts
    My son loves all things fast, and though he's not quite old enough yet, I plan to take him to play on the go-karts or bumper cars one day. I know he would have a blast, and to be honest, so would I.
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  • Get Dirty Outside 2 of 10
    Get Dirty Outside
    My son doesn't really like to get dirty -- he has to have his hands clean all the time or he's just not quite happy. I plan in the spring to have some "play in the mud" dates with him to show him it's okay to be messy.
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  • Volunteer Together at the Animal Shelter 3 of 10
    Volunteer Together at the Animal Shelter
    We went last month when we adopted our cat Ariel, and it was such a great learning experience for the kids. I think volunteering together walking the dogs or just playing with the cats would be fun, educational and good for everyone.
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  • Build a Rocket Ship 4 of 10
    Build a Rocket Ship
    Use your imagination and build something awesome out of building blocks. If you're really adventurous, build something that really works. You will both be proud.
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  • Play a Video Game or Remote Control Car 5 of 10
    Play a Video Game or Remote Control Car
    My son loves to play video games and drive around his remote control cars. Taking the time to actively play with him (away from the girls) always leaves a smile on his face.
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  • Go Fly a Kite 6 of 10
    Go Fly a Kite
    The weather is bound to be beautiful again soon and we plan to make a few kite flying dates together.
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  • Cook Something New Together 7 of 10
    Cook Something New Together
    I believe it's very important for my son to know how to cook. Spending alone time together cooking something new is one thing we really enjoy.
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  • Play a New Sport 8 of 10
    Play a New Sport
    I admit, I don't really enjoy playing sports too much. However, it's something my son loves to do, and making a date out of the two of us getting exercise and learning something new is so much fun.
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  • Try Fishing 9 of 10
    Try Fishing
    I haven't been in forever -- like since I was 8 years old or something. I think that the peaceful and quiet nature of fishing would be a great mother/son date idea.
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  • Read an Adventure-Packed Book 10 of 10
    Read an Adventure-Packed Book
    One thing my son and I are doing a lot of lately is reading. Choosing a book that he loves that is packed full of adventure is a great way to steal a few minutes together.
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